Rocket League

  1. Teams will have 30 minutes after match start time to join the lobby. Failure to do so will result in forfeit.
  2. The Team Captain creates the private match following the instructions displayed on PlayVS and must only start the game after both teams have entered the lobby,
  3. Coaches must be in the room monitoring while matches are in session.
  4. Coaches are encouraged to communicate with the opponent’s coach via the PlayVS Coach Discord server.
  5. Spectators must join after a game has started.
  6. Players need to log out of previous Steam accounts on shared devices. Log back in through the Steam client using the correct account. Check the account name on the bottom left of Rocket League client. 
  7. For false starts or technical difficulties, all players and spectators must leave the ‘Private Match’ lobby. The Team Captain will recreate the lobby with the same game name and password.
      a. False starts are defined as starting without all 6 players, joining the incorrect team color, or player with a disconnected Steam account.
      b. Technical difficulties may include: computer crashing or server disconnecting  at any point in the match .

IT Steps: Day of match (at least 1 hour before) 

  1. Restart each computer.
  2. Update the patch for the game by logging into Rocket League on each computer.
  3. Give your IT department a heads up and have them on standby if any technical issues come up during matches.

Match Setup Steps – At match time 

  1. Each coach and player must log in his/her account at Players should see a new sidebar with match information.
  2. The ‘home’ coach will choose a captain in the sidebar. The captain will complete the private match creation. Note: If you are not the ‘home’ coach, you will see a wait message.
  3. All players sign out of the previous Steam account. Sign in to ensure the correct Steam account is used.
  4. Confirm settings with all players for match creation. Coaches must click the blue ‘confirm match’ for each match in the match day panel to give all players access to match instructions.

Create Private Match - Captain Only

  1. Click the ‘Match set up instructions’ and follow each step.
  2. Launch Rocket League and select ‘Play.’

Note: You can switch between and Rocket League by holding ‘alt’ and ‘tab’ in Windows or ‘command’ and ‘tab’ for Macs.

  1. Choose ‘Private Match’ and create.
  2. Type in the game name and password from your Player Dashboard. Note: You will not be able to copy and paste, you will have to manually type it in.
  3. Set Match Attributes and Create Match. Pictured below.
  4. Confirm match settings with coach and click ‘Complete.’
  5. Wait until all six players are in the lobby as spectators. Then click join for your assigned team.

Join Private Match - All other players

PlayVS Platform

  1. Wait until the ‘home’ Team Captain creates private match.
  2. Click ‘Join Match Lobby’ and follow each step.
  3. Launch Rocket League and select ‘Play.’

Note: You can switch between and Rocket League by holding ‘alt’ and ‘tab’ in Windows or ‘command’ and ‘tab’ for Macs.

Rocket League Client

  1. Choose ‘Join Private Match.’
  2. Type in the game name and password from your Player Dashboard. 
  3. Confirm match settings with your coach and click ‘Next.’
  4. Wait for all players to enter the lobby, including your opponents. 
  5. You will be assigned either the blue or orange team. 
  6. Click ‘Join Blue’ or ‘Join Orange’ to start your match.

Starting Your Second Game

  1. Let the opponent team know if you are making substitutions. 
  2. Substitutes need to join the ‘Private Match’ by using the same game name and password as Game 1.
  3. All players will need to click ‘Ready,’ including your opponents. Do not click ‘Join Team’ until all players have clicked ‘Ready.’
  4. Click the same ‘Join Team’ color as Game 1 to start the next game. For example: If you were the Blue Team for Game 1, click ‘Join Team Blue’ again ALL of your games. This is CRITICAL for us to record your stats correctly. 

Ending your Match

  1. PlayVS will count the first three wins for one team.
  2. Teams may choose to play through all five games. 
  3. Players click ‘Leave Match.’
  4. Games may show as ended, under review, or live.
      a. Ended - The match correctly ended and stats will be shown.
      b. Under Review - The match has an issue that needs to be reviewed by PlayVS
      c. Live - The match did not end due to technical difficulties. The issue must be reviewed by PlayVS.

Common reasons for Under Review:

  1. At least one player used a disconnected Steam Account.
  2. Teams or players played on the incorrect side.
  3. False starts or technical difficulties.
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