The reschedule tool can be found on the upcoming match panel and will send a request to reschedule to your opponent. They can then accept, offer alternatives, or decline the reschedule.

Sending a reschedule request

You can reschedule a match once it's scheduled on the PlayVS platform. 

  1. Locate the match you would like to reschedule in the right hand match sidebar.
  2. Click the three dots in the top right corner of the match you would like to reschedule and select 'Reschedule.'
  3. Select a reason for your reschedule request.
  4. Select three available times for your match. You may select the predetermined times provided or select your own by clicking on each date and time box.
  5. Click the ‘Okay’ button to send the reschedule request to your opponent.
  6. You will be notified once your opponent accepts the reschedule request.

Receiving a reschedule request

You can only reply to a reschedule request once it's sent by one of your scheduled opponents. 

1. You can view reschedule requests in two ways:
A. From the notifications menu

B. Via the right hand match sidebar on the match panel

C. You will also receive an email notification.

2. Click the notification or 'View reschedule request' to view the new suggested match times from your opponent.
3. Review the times provided, select your preferred choice, and click 'done.' If none of the suggested times work for your team, select 'none of the above' to send a reschedule counter proposal. 

Reschedule counter proposal

Counter proposals allow receiving coaches to send 3 alternative times if the original reschedule request times do not work.

  1. View a reschedule request sent to you by another coach.
  2. Select 'None of the above'
  3. Select three alternative available times for your counter proposal.
  4. Review the times suggested, and click 'done' to send your counter proposed times.

Cancelling a reschedule request

If a reschedule has not already been accepted, you may cancel your request.

  1. Locate the match you would like to cancel your reschedule request for in the right hand match sidebar.
  2. Click 'Cancel reschedule.'

Frequently asked questions

How long do we have to reschedule a match?
For the Spring 2019 Season, we need all matches completed by the last week of your regular season. 

What happens if coaches cannot agree to a new match time?
A league official will be in contact with you to help facilitate a new match time.

When does the match get forfeited?
Forfeits can be requested by the either coach for their own team.
Rescheduled dates are considered the new match time. If your team is not present for the rescheduled match time, that may result in a forfeit for your team.

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