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Scholastic - Collegiate
Applicable as of: Spring 2021
Last Updated: November 10, 2020

By participating in any game, match, or event that is part of a PlayVS collegiate league, tournament, or our community, players and coaches are confirming that they (or, if a minor, they and their parent or legal guardian) have accepted the Code of Conduct pursuant to this document.

PlayVS is committed to providing the best player experience in amateur esports at the collegiate level, and our community plays a significant role in allowing us to uphold that commitment. To ensure the best experience for everyone involved with our leagues and activities, all players and coaches are expected to uphold proper conduct as outlined below.

Standards of Behavior

All members of the PlayVS community are expected to:

  1. Be respectful to all players, coaches, PlayVS League Officials, and any other person in contact with a player or coach before, during, or after the match time.
  2. Use appropriate language in any chat or communication channels. Refer to the PlayVS Community Code of Conduct (must have Discord connected to PlayVS to view) and the section below for additional context.
  3. Play or coach with integrity to your fellow teammates, competitors, and the game. This includes properly completing matches and showing respect to one another.
  4. Be present for PlayVS matches.
  5. Follow all PlayVS league protocols listed in the PlayVS rulebooks.

Inappropriate Behavior

In abiding by PlayVS Standards of Behavior, all members of the player community are expected to refrain from:

  1. Any kind of hate speech such as homophobia, sexism, racism, or ableism.
  2. Any inappropriate language including using abbreviations, symbols, or phonetic spellings. Inappropriate includes, but is not limited to, language that is obscene, targeted, harmful, threatening, abusive, libelous, slanderous, defamatory or otherwise offensive or objectionable.
  3. Any kind of excessive taunting.
  4. Intentionally ruining the game for other players. This includes leaving a game or session once the Game of Record is determined, stalling a game or session, or spamming unnecessarily disruptive language or emotes in any chat or communication channel.
  5. Inappropriate in-game name, account, or image for game clients or PlayVS accounts.
  6. Tardiness to a match. Matches may only be rescheduled by PlayVS League Officials and school coaches. Matches should start by the time listed in the PlayVS client.
  7. Using multiple or alternate accounts. All in-game accounts used during the PlayVS season must be connected in the PlayVS platform. Alternate accounts should not be used for PlayVS matches. Players may only play on the game account connected to their PlayVS account.
  8. "Doxxing" or otherwise posting someone's personal information without their permission.
  9. "Witch-hunting" or undergoing any coordinated, conspiratorial attack on another member of the community.
  10. Spreading harmful material such as viruses, IP grabbers, malware, etc.

Levels of Consequences

Unsportsmanlike behavior may result in disciplinary actions. League Officials at all times may act with the necessary authority to preserve the best interests of the league. League Officials may in their reasonable discretion impose any of the following penalties depending on the severity, intent, and frequency of the inappropriate behavior:

Level 1 Consequence: Official verbal or written warning, written record of misconduct, and possible action taken, depending on the severity of the offense (determined at the sole discretion of the PlayVS Staff).

Examples of Level 1 Consequences:

  • Representing yourself or others in a remarkably negative light in any PlayVS channel

Level 2 Consequence: Official verbal or written warning, written record of misconduct, possible forfeiture of at least one match, and immediate suspension or ban (length determined by PlayVS Staff; bans cover a minimum of the current or upcoming season).

Examples of Level 2 Consequences:

  • Targeted harassment
  • Unintentional actions that still damage our leagues or communities in some way

Level 3 Consequence: Official verbal or written warning, written record of misconduct, possible forfeiture of at least one match, immediate ban (length determined by PlayVS Staff; bans cover a minimum of the current or upcoming season), and possible permanent ban from all PlayVS leagues for the duration of a collegiate career.

Examples of Level 3 Consequences:

  • Threats
  • Doxxing
  • Cheating (by any means) in an official PlayVS event
  • Cheating (by any means) in any other esports event

Finality of Decisions

All decisions regarding the interpretation of these rules, player eligibility, scheduling and staging of the league, and penalties for misconduct, lie solely with PlayVS, the decisions of which are final. PlayVS decisions made with respect to these Rules cannot be appealed and shall not give rise to any claim for monetary damages or any other legal or equitable remedy.

Patch Notes

  • V.1.0 - Created: September 04, 2020
  • V.1.1 - Updated: November 10, 2020 // Added examples to each of the Levels of Consequences.
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