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In this guide we will cover steps for every match including IT Steps, Match Day Setup, and Game Invitation.


If you are having issues with getting into auto-lobbies, please make sure you, your teammates, and all players on the opposing team have followed the Rocket League Account Connection Guide.

  1. Players cannot be in a party when awaiting an automated game invite.
  2. Spectator slots are only available to Coaches through automated matchmaking.
  3. Matches will start 5 minutes after the first player joins the automated match lobby. Ensure that all players are ready before joining the match.
  4. If automated matches fail or you need to use a private match for any reason, refer to our "Create or Join a Private Match" guide for more information.


  1. Private Matchmaking TL;DR
  2. Match Setup Steps: At match time
  3. Match Day Overview
  4. IT Steps: Day of match

TL;DR for utilizing private matchmaking in PlayVS College Rocket League:

1. Create a private match.

- HOME team (as displayed in PlayVS) = Blue

- AWAY team (as displayed in PlayVS) = Orange

Use the guide below if you need help setting up a private match.

2. Coordinate with the opposing team using available methods.

1. Discord match day lobbies should be first priority.

- Utilize the match day lobbies in our Discord server! We set these up to streamline communications between teams.

For all players and coaches that connect their Discord to PlayVS, be sure to join the server at then check out the lobby for your match.

It'll look something like this in the "Match Day Lobby - College" category:

2. Discord DM groups should be second priority

3. Email should be third priority (reserved for coaches/coordinators listed as Coaches on PlayVS)

4. Phone should be fourth priority (reserved for coaches/coordinators listed as Coaches on PlayVS)

3. Report your matches to PlayVS

1. A coach can submit scores for the match using our reporting tools about 30-45 minutes after match completion. Please be sure to submit results correctly! Reach out to us in #support if you need an assist.

Potential Issues

1. The match day lobby in Discord is not working.

- If you run into this issue, just try reaching the opposing team through DMs. Be sure to include as many people as possible in comms!

2. Unable to reach opposing team.

- Run through the communication priorities above! If you can't reach the opposing team, contact our squad using the in-platform chat or channel.

3. Unable to report scores.

- The "match settle" option may not have triggered in our system yet. Please wait about 30-45 minutes after a match completes if this is the case, then try to submit your scores to the PlayVS match dashboard.

Match Setup Steps – At match time

1. In order to start the match correctly, all players (including any subs that are playing for the day) must be correctly placed on the starting roster at the scheduled time of match.

- Only the 3 players on the active roster will receive the match invite in the game client. Subs do not receive game invites unless they are swapped onto the active roster.

2. Players must have the Rocket League client open 5 minutes before the scheduled match time to receive the invite in the game client.
Note: The invite will NOT be shown on the PlayVS dashboard.

3. The invitation will display in the bottom right corner of the Rocket League client. Players may click the green check mark or the person icon.


4. Once all players accept the invitation and join the match, the game will start.

5. Players will automatically receive another invite for the next game in their notifications.

Match Day Overview

1. We strongly encourage coaches to communicate regularly with opposing coaches via the PlayVS Coach Discord server, email, or phone. Opponent coach contact information is displayed in the Coach’s Match Overview.

2. Players need to log out of previous Steam accounts on shared devices. Log back in through the Steam client using the correct account. Check the account name on the bottom left of Rocket League client.

3. The status of each game may display as: Completed, Quarantined, or Live. Our Match Status Guide lists all possible match statuses.
Completed - The match correctly ended and stats will be shown.
Quarantined - The match has an issue that needs to be reviewed by you and PlayVS League Officials. You will receive a notification to correct any reasons for a quarantined match.

Common reasons for quarantined matches:
- At least one player used an unconnected in-game name.
- Technical difficulties.
- Live - The match did not end due to technical difficulties. The issue must be reviewed by PlayVS League Officials. Submit a Support ticket by following the directions in our Reporting Guide.

4. You are scheduled for back to back games against the same opponent. Once Game 1 ends, you will immediately receive another invite for Game 2 in the Rocket League client.

5. Mid-Match Substitutions are now available. Follow the directions in our Substitution Guide to correctly substitute players.

6. Not receiving game invitations? Common issues to check for:
- Players have their game account connected through their PlayVS account.
- Players are logged into Rocket League.
- Players are logged in to exactly the account they’ve listed on PlayVS.
- Players are listed on the active roster.

IT Steps: Day of match (at least 1 hour before)

  1. Restart each computer.
  2. Update the patch for the game by logging into Rocket League on each computer.
    PlayVS Tip: Use student leaders or assistant coaches to check your tech.
  3. Give your IT department a heads up and have them on standby if any technical issues come up during matches.
    PlayVS Tip: Give your season schedule to the IT department to ensure that network maintenance does not interfere with game days.

Submitting a Forfeit Request for No Shows or Failed Communication Attempts with Opponents

In the event you're unable to get in touch with your match opponent (through Discord, Steam, Epic Games, not responding to game invites, etc.) within 15 minutes of the match start time you can submit a forfeit request. Submitting a forfeit request needs to go through the support chat on the website (must be logged in and adblocker disabled) and must include some sort of proof for us to confirm the forfeit.

Proof submitted must sufficiently show that the opposing team was not ready to play the match or did not have intentions of playing the match.

Change Log

  • V.1.0 - Created: October 07, 2020
  • V.1.1 - Updated: October 20, 2020 // added "TL;DR" private matchmaking instructions
  • V.1.2 - Updated: February 17, 2021 // added additional information under Important Notes
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