FIFA 21 is an online video game developed by Electronic Arts (EA) and first released in 1993.

FIFA 21 is rated E for Everyone.


The objective of FIFA is to score more goals than your opponent by the end of regulation. There are two halves with each half including 6 minutes of gameplay. Using dense strategy and tactics, players try to outsmart and outwit their opponents.

How It’s Played

FIFA is a sports simulation game to be played as a team but in one-on-one competition against other on the PlayVS platform. Players control the digital representation of real athletes who compete in fútbol leagues around the world. The game follows the basic rules of the sport, known in the United States as American football, which can be reviewed here. While the competition is all individual, our students will compete on a team with two of their peers. Similar to the way the traditional sport of Tennis is conducted at the high school level, teams will compete in the individual competition and the result of their match will net points for the overall team.

League Structure
Team size: 3
2 week preseason
9 week regular season
Every week teams will have their individuals compete against one another in 3 separate best of three competitions.



FIFAe holds professional FIFA tournaments with large prize pools and the stiffest competition around. Some tournament qualifiers are open to the public through the public match services within the game. Others are invitation-only and are watched by numbers in the thousands. We see this as recognition and confirmation that the players who are able to differentiate themselves, through their precise knowledge of the game and unique skills during the match, are deserving of this immense opportunity. Like other esports, the expectation is for this community to continue growing and to reach new heights year after year.

About PlayVS
PlayVS is building the infrastructure and platform for amateur esports, starting with high schools. We work directly with game publishers and states to build and operate sanctioned leagues across the country. Through the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS), PlayVS is empowering students to compete in esports on behalf of their high school, with the opportunity to win a championship, just like any other youth sport. Contact your local school’s principal or athletic director to get a program started and learn more at

Helpful Resources

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