Start an esports program with a Volunteer Coach!

We understand the challenge some schools face in fielding a coach to start an esports program at their school. That's why we started a Volunteer Coach program.

Schools may utilize volunteer coaches in a variety of ways; they may start the program as a head coach or specialize in one esport to give your players the personalized skill-building needed to win a championship.

Here is some of what we’ve heard from your fellow educators on how to utilize volunteers in your program:

  • Some coaches coach traditional sports and are only able to support one season of esports per school year
  • Some programs have grown too large for one coach to manage
  • Some coaches are unavailable on match days dedicated to new titles
  • Coaches need personal time! Adding esports can take up the necessary time you need to relax and reset.

Each volunteer has successfully completed:

  1. An interview with PlayVS
  2. Preliminary background check
  3. PlayVS Academy Certification

Volunteer coaches are available for further interviews. They will complete any necessary protocol for your school; i.e. additional background checks, TB tests, and school forms.

Contact your market manager for more information about a volunteer in your area.

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