Private Matches are required to be used if there are technical issues preventing your PlayVS Rocket League match from spinning up (e.g. server error, API issues, etc.). The results of Private Matches must be submitted to PlayVS by team coaches through the match dashboard after completion of all games in a match. Stats are not passed through to PlayVS when Private Matches are used, so we can only gather W/L results in these cases.


  1. Private Matchmaking TL;DR
  2. Create a Match
  3. Match Settings
  4. Joining a Match

TL;DR for utilizing private matchmaking in PlayVS College Rocket League:

Potential Issues

Create a Match (completed by the Home Coach)

The "Home" team will be BLUE. The "Away" team will be ORANGE.

Watch this video if you need help creating a private match:

  1. Coach will choose a Team Captain (if one is not already appointed).
  2. Coach or Team Captain follows match creation steps and shares the name and password with their team.
  3. The rest of the team joins the custom match in the Rocket League client.
  4. Once the match is created, the Coach or Team Captain will send the game name and password to the opponent Coach or, if unresponsive, their Team Captain and/or other players.

Match Settings - Coach or Team Captain only

  1. Select "Play"
  2. > Custom
  3. > Create Private Match
  4. Check the settings
    a. Game Mode: Soccar
    b. Arena: DFH Stadium
    c. Team Size: 3v3
    d. Bot Difficulty: No Bots
    e. Team Settings: (no changes)
    f. Mutator Settings: Series Length = 5 Games (Regular Season & Non-Finals Championship Matches), 7 Games (Finals Match)
    g. Region: [your team's Region]
    h. Joinable by: [create a name and password]
  5. Insert the game name. This should be your team’s name; for example, "PlayVS Playaz"
  6. Insert the game password: [game password]

Join the Custom Match

Watch this video if you need help joining a private match:

  1. Select "Play"
  2. > Custom
  3. > Join Private Match
  4. Insert the game name
  5. Insert the game password
  6. Join the correct team ("Home" = Blue, "Away" = Orange)

Change Log

  • V.1.0 - Created: October 07, 2020
  • V.1.1 - Updated: October 09, 2020 // updated "Home" and "Away" colors
  • V.1.2 - Updated: October 20, 2020 // added "TL;DR" private matchmaking instructions
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