Game Day Protocol


In this guide we will cover steps for every match including IT Steps, Match Day Setup, joining a Match, Adding a Fortnite friend, and Inviting a Friend to a Fortnite Party.

Match Day Overview

  1. To join a match, player accounts must:
    1) Be enrolled to the PlayVS Fortnite Fall 2020 league via a coach

2) Connect their Epic account to the PlayVS Player Dashboard prior to 12:00PM Pacific Time on match day

3) Be in good standing with Epic (no active suspensions or bans)

  1. Trios may join any time throughout the 2-hour match window.
  2. Players in a Trio must be “friends” in the Fortnite game client. See ‘Adding a Fortnite Friend’ below for more information.
  3. Players may play from computers, consoles, tablets, or any other supported device.
  4. Trios may only be composed of players from the same school.

IT Steps: Day of match (at least 1 hour before)

  1. Restart each device.
  2. Update the patch for the game by logging into Fortnite on each device.

PlayVS Tip: Use student leaders or assistant coaches to check your tech.

  1. Give your IT department a heads up and have them on standby if any technical issues come up during matches.
    PlayVS Tip: Give your season schedule to the IT department to ensure that network maintenance does not interfere with game days.

Match Setup Steps – At match time

  1. Enter the Fortnite client and select Battle Royale.
  1. Designate a Match Leader to enter the Event.
  2. The Match Leader invites both their teammates to join the Trio’s party. See ‘Inviting a Friend to a Fortnite Party’ for more information.
  3. The Match Leader enters the private event.
  1. All players select ready.
  1. Trios have up to 2 hours to play and earn points. The first 7 games will be used to tally the points for each Trio.

    Format: Maximum Match Length = 3 hours Maximum Sessions per Match = 7 sessions
    Placement Scoring:
  • REACH TOP 2 +3
  • REACH TOP 3 +3
  • REACH TOP 4 +3
  • REACH TOP 5 +3
  • REACH TOP 6 +3
  • REACH TOP 9 +3
  • REACH TOP 12 +3
  • REACH TOP 15 +2
  • REACH TOP 18 +2
  • REACH TOP 21 +2
  • REACH TOP 24 +1
  • REACH TOP 27 +1
  • REACH TOP 30 +1

Elimination Scoring:

Each Elimination: 1 Point, Eliminations for both players will be combined for a Trio’s total elimination score. Elimination Cap per Session = 20 eliminations.

  1. Players may elect to continue playing with the same Trio partners or switch to a new Trio. The new Trio will display in the PlayVS Standings. The points awarded to the new Trio may not be reallocated to another Trio.
  2. The top three Trios from the week will clutch a spot in the Playoffs.

Adding a Fortnite Friend

Trios must be friends to enter a lobby together.

To invite a friend:

  1. Click the settings three lines or plus sign in the Fortnite lobby.


  1. Select Add Friends.
  1. Type in either partner’s Epic name or email. Hit ‘enter.’
  1. The partner must accept the friend request in their Fortnite client.

Inviting a Friend to a Fortnite Party

The Match Leader must invite their partners to a Fortnite party. Partners must be friends in the Fortnite client to invite to a party.

  1. Click the settings three lines or plus sign in the Fortnite lobby.


  1. Choose the friend for the Trio.
  1. Click ‘Invite to Party.’
  1. The partner must accept the invitation.

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