If you have a team interested in playing but cannot find a coach, or if you work in a support role for your school's club or program, Player-Coach roles allow you to serve in a team management capacity.

Player-Coaches must have unique Player and Coach accounts for Fall 2020.
Once verified and approved by PlayVS in the coach role, Player-Coaches can verify students as players, build and manage teams, and enroll those teams for events or competitive seasons.

Player-Coach roles are only available for Fortnite and Rocket League for Fall 2020.

Follow the steps below to get started as a Player-Coach:

  1. Sign up as a Player
  2. Connect your game and Discord accounts
  3. Sign up as a Coach
  4. Complete the onboarding survey
  5. Start building your Teams

Step 1: Sign up as a Player

Ensure you select "Player" and sign up for your school as you walk through the registration steps. You can sign up here if you don't already have a Player account.


Congrats, you're in! You should see a screen that looks like this one after signing up:


You won't be an official Player until verified by a Coach, so be sure to verify students as Players (even if you are one of them -- see Step 3 below).

Step 2: Connect your game and Discord accounts

Select the profile icon in the top-left to view your settings and account connections.


Step 3: Sign up as a Coach

Ensure you select "Faculty" and sign up for your school as you walk through the registration steps. You can sign up here if you don't already have a Coach account.

You must use a unique email for your Coach account.


Using a school email will help speed up the verification process.

If your school uses Google Suite for email and you've already used your school account to register as a Player, you can use a "+1" at the end of your school email, e.g. yourname+1@school.edu.

If your school does not use Google Suite, then use another email to create your coach account. The coach account and player account cannot have the same email address.


Once you complete all the registration steps, you'll receive a notification that we are verifying your account. (If we can complete the verification automatically, you won't see this notification.)

Be sure to check back within 24 hours to see if your account has been verified. Reach out to our team if you have not been verified within a full day.


Step 4: Complete the onboarding survey

After you log in for the first time as a Coach, you'll be prompted to complete our onboarding survey. It only takes about 30 seconds and helps us understand the best ways to support your program.


Step 5: Start building your Teams

Congratulations, you're officially a Player-Coach! You'll see a screen that looks like this after logging in:


Now you can manage your Players,


..build and enroll your Teams,


..and verify new Coaches!


And that's it! Need additional support? Please reach out to support@playvs.com

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