Rocket League Custom Match

Create a Match (home coach only) Home team will be orange.
Watch the video: How to create a Rocket League custom match

  1. Coach choose a team captain.
  2. Captain follows match creation steps.
  3. The rest of the team follows ‘join custom match’ steps.
  4. Once the match is created send the game name and password to opponent coach.

Match Creation - Captain Only

  1. Click play
  2. Custom
  3. Create match
  4. Check the settings
    a. Game Mode: Soccer
    b. Arena: DFH Stadium
    c. Team Size: 3v3
    d. Bot Difficulty: No Bots
    e. Team Settings (no changes)
    f. Mutator Settings (no changes)
    g. Region: Recommended
    h. Joinable by: create a name and password
  1. Put in game name. This should be your team’s name; for example, PlayVS Rockets
  2. Put in Password: RL0001

Join the Custom Match (home players and away)

Watch the video: How to join a Rocket League custom match

  1. Click Play
  2. Join Private Match
  3. Look for type in game name
  4. Put in password
  5. Move to the correct team. Home and Away team colors will be dictated on your Match Lobby page.

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