Having trouble getting match invitations? Players listed on the rosters will receive invitations in the Rocket League game client.

Common issues to check for:

1) Players have their game account connected through their PlayVS account. See below for more information.
2) Players are logged into Rocket League
3) Players are logged in to exactly the account they’ve listed on PlayVS
4) Players are listed on the active roster
5) Rocket League client is not connected to the internet. See below for more information.

After checking the listed issues, have all players leave and reenter the game lobby. Still having trouble, please play a custom match. Report your results with screenshots by replying to your quarantined match email, emailing support@playvs.com, or submitting a ticket via the Help Center.

Connecting Accounts

A common blocker for invitations is unconnected accounts. Check that your Steam account is connected. The in-game name should be green and state ‘disconnect’ in the Connections section.


Not connected? Follow these steps:
1. Launch your Steam client and sign in.
PlayVS Tip: Have your email readily available for Steam Guard Codes.

2. Go to the Connections section of your PlayVS settings.

3. Select ‘connect’ and type your Steam account.
PlayVS Tip: Open a new tab or window to view the username and password while logging in.

4. If this fails, refresh your browser and try again. This may take a few attempts to process.

Watch this short tutorial for more information:

Rocket League Internet Connection

Rocket League players must be online to receive invitations. Opening the Rocket League does not automatically connect the account to your internet.
To connect player can:
1) Play or queue up for a practice game.
2) Send a friend request.
3) Use chat to message another player.

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