PlayVS participation fees are $85 plus tax per player for each season. Schools can pay via credit card or invoice. Schools may allow students to pay the school, then send the payment to PlayVS. You will be emailed an invoice after the registration deadline after confirmation of the total number of players enrolled for the season.

School payment options:

  1. Invoice with PO. We accept payment through PO. See our Purchase Order Process section for more information.
  2. Credit Card. Schools may pay via credit card. The invoice will have a link to the balance.
    PlayVS Tip: Check with your administrator for the best payment process for your esports program.

Tax Exemption:

Tax exempt schools need to email their tax exemption forms to

Purchase Order ProcessPlayVS accepts payments through the purchase order process. PO Steps:

  1. Talk with administrator about your school’s PO process.
  2. Submit a ticket requesting a quote, W-9 form (linked here), and any other vendor forms. Use the description box to explain any additional information the PlayVS accounting department may need to best help you.
  3. Submit a ticket with your PO number. Once your PO is approved submit a ticket with the PO number and any additional information in the description box.
  4. Invoices will be emailed to a coach account after the registration deadline.
  5. Send check or payment to Attention: Play Versus Billing, 2236 S. Barrington Ave, Los Angeles, CA, 90064. Make checks payable to Play Versus Inc.


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