Hey! Check out our new reschedule feature!! You can now request, confirm, and deny reschedules from the match mission control. Check out our new guide here.


Over the course of a season, teams may be unable to play a match at the originally scheduled time. Reschedules are available through our Support team, but should be used on a limited basis. Read more about our rescheduling rules in section 8 of our rulebooks. You can fill out our reschedule request ticket here.

Based on feedback from our previous seasons, we updated our reschedule protocol.

Reschedule Updates

1. We've implemented the Hybrid-Swiss Schedule model. See our Hybrid-Swiss Schedule Guide for more details.
A high-level overview of the new scheduling:

  • 5 scheduled blocks - providing additional visibility for opponents 1-3 weeks at a time.
  • More flexibility for rescheduling matches. However, all rescheduled matches must be completed by the end of the current block. This means your rescheduling window becomes smaller the closer you get to the end of the current schedule block.

2. Opposing coach contact information is now in the Coach Dashboard. This will allow you to contact the opposing coach for easier, direct contact prior to contacting PlayVS.


3. Utilize our new ticket system to request a protocol. League Specialists will promptly process your reschedule request based on the information you provide in the ticket. Once the reschedule is processed both coaches will receive a confirmation email.

Reschedule Protocol

Reschedules should be requested prior to match day. Reschedules will be processed on a first come, first served basis. We recommend submitting your request at least 24 hours prior to your match time to allow time to process your request.

1. Reach out directly to your opponent coach prior to contacting PlayVS. Our new Coach Dashboard will display your opponent's contact information.
Note: Coaches may choose to accept or decline the reschedule at their sole discretion. Read more about our rescheduling rules in section 8 of our rulebooks.

2. Determine your new match time and date. All matches must be played by the last Friday of each block.
New Mexico leagues need to be rescheduled by the last week of matches.
Note: PlayVS Support is not offered over the weekend. Our support business hours are Monday through Friday 8:00am to 6:00pm PST. Any matches rescheduled outside of our business hours may not have League Specialists readily available to address issues or concerns.

Last day of each block for rescheduled matches.

Varsity & Rec Leagues


No reschedules allowed

Block 1


Block 2


Block 3


Block 4


Block 5


3. Contact PlayVS League Support via submitting our reschedule ticket.
Be sure to include:
1. New match time and date
2. Both team names
3. Opponent coach email
4. Reason for reschedule


May I reschedule a match on match day?

​Reschedules will be processed on a first come, first served basis. Reschedules cannot be requested after match time unless it is an acceptable emergency.
Examples of acceptable and unacceptable match day emergencies:

Acceptable Emergency

Unacceptable Emergency


Player or coach absence

Natural disaster

School activity

Game outage

How long do we have to reschedule a match?

​For the Fall 2020 Season, we need all matches completed by the last Friday of your schedule block.

New Mexico leagues need to be rescheduled by the last week of matches.

When does the match get forfeited?

Forfeits can be requested by either coach for their own team. If matches are not rescheduled and not played, they will be automatically forfeited to the requesting team.

Rescheduled dates are considered the new match time. If your team is not present for the rescheduled match time, that may result in a forfeit for your team.

What are alternatives to rescheduling a match? What do I do if the opponent cannot reschedule?

Teams are not required to accept reschedule requests, unless stated by PlayVS League Officials.
Here are some alternatives to a reschedule:

1. Allow a substitute player(s) on the team. Plan to have substitutes ready for your teams. If a player is absent, this will help prevent rescheduling.

2. Play the match with 'a player down.' This means you may play League of Legends with only 4 players. Rocket League may have only 2 players. This feature is not available with SMITE matches. All players on the SMITE roster must be present to receive game invitations.

3. Forfeit the match. We do not want to encourage forfeiting; however, in some situations this may be the best option.

4. Have another faculty member as an interim coach or substitute coach to help with the match. This needs to be approved by your school's administrator.

5. Find an alternative location to play your match. All players must have a faculty member present and your new location must be approved by a PlayVS League Official. Playing from home is not an allowable option for a new location.

Fill out our reschedule request ticket.

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