In this guide we will cover steps for every match including IT Steps, Match Day Setup, and Game Invitation. Printable version here.

Match Day Overview

IT Steps: Day of match (at least 1 hour before)

  1. Restart each computer.
  2. Update the patch for the game by logging into SMITE on each computer.
    PlayVS Tip: Use student leaders or assistant coaches to check your tech.
  3. Give your IT department a heads up and have them on standby if any technical issues come up during matches.
    PlayVS Tip: Give your season schedule to the IT department to ensure that network maintenance does not interfere with game days.

Match Setup Steps – At match time

Helpful Guides for Game Day:

Printable version of SMITE Game Day Protocol
Codes of Conduct and Rulebooks
IT Troubleshooting Guide
Reporting Guide
How to Submit a Ticket
Reschedule Guide
Forfeit Guide
Substitution Guide
Match Status Guide

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