Coach Checklist - Get Your Program Started

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Implement your esports program with 5 easy steps. Use this list to get your program started.

Step 1: Sign up on PlayVS

  • Sign up at and create an account.
  • Provide your email and contact information.
  • Schedule a call with a PlayVS representative. Invite key stakeholders.

Step 2: Get your Administration’s Approval

  • Meet with your admin and provide justification for an esports program.
  • Designate a place and time to compete.
  • Check school calendars for schedule conflicts.

Step 3: Connect with your IT Department

  • Provide the school’s IP public address.
  • Unblock the games in the internet filter and firewall.
  • Download and install games.
  • Plan for weekly game updates throughout the season.
  • Provide match schedule and location to your IT department.

Step 4: Determine your Program’s Capacity

  • Host an interest meeting. Establish the number of players for each esport.
  • Determine the number of computers. Consider your space and IT capabilities.
  • Recruit assistant coaches and determine coach schedules and roles.

Step 5: Build your Program

  • Host tryouts to determine teams and student leaders.
  • Start fundraising for new equipment or jerseys.
  • Make announcements on social media and during morning announcements.
  • Display flyers with game information.
  • Invite and verify players and coaches on

Coach Checklist - Get Ready to Compete

After you complete the 5 steps, you can take your program to the next level. Use this list to enhance your esports program.

Step 1: Onboard Players and Create Teams

  • Help all players create and connect PlayVS accounts
  • Review in-game names for appropriateness
  • Assign player esports
  • Add players to rosters

Step 2: Additional Steps to Consider

  • Review PlayVS rulebooks and resources
  • Register PlayVS as a vendor for purchase orders if needed
  • Collect equipment including computers and peripherals
  • Connect your Discord account to PlayVS
  • Complete school profile and add a school logo

Level Up Your Program

  • Contact local press about your new program
  • Encourage local and rival schools to build their own programs
  • Host mini tournaments
  • Analyze gameplay and matches
  • Pair new players with veteran players for mentorship
  • Scrimmage against other schools to practice different strategies
  • Host a parent night or esports night
  • Connect with our mailing list and socials

Student Leadership and Management Teams

  • Team captains
  • Graphic design - esports logo/website
  • Apparel design - jersey design
  • Streaming and broadcasting - host and cast games
  • Social media managers
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