Personal Accounts:

If you own a Rocket League account, you must connect your Steam Account in your PlayVS profile. Complete the following steps to do so:

PlayVS Accounts:

If you do not already own a Rocket League account, PlayVS will provide one for you. On Game Day, you will see your assigned username and password from the connections panel to log in. You will need to request an account in your Player Dashboard.
Note: These accounts are temporary and will be deactivated after the season ends. By using the PlayVS Steam accounts you agree to our ‘Terms of Use’ below. Failure to follow the ‘Terms of Use’ will result in disqualification and deactivation of user accounts.

Steam Username and Password. Users may not change the the Steam username or password.

Purchase Power. Users do not have purchase power for Steam accounts. This includes installing free or purchased games in Steam or purchasing Rocket League enhancements, (i.e. car packs, skins, or keys).

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