The Player Dashboard is a centralized hub for your esports career with PlayVS. Here you can update your player account, connect an in-game name, and track your stats.

To ensure you’re ready for the next season, you must complete each of the following steps. Please reach out to your coach, if you have any questions or issues. Click here for a printable version.

  1. Sign up on PlayVS.
  2. Create your player and verify account email.
  3. Invite coaches and other players.
  4. Billing.
  5. Connect your game account.

Getting Started

Sign Up

There are two options for signing up for a PlayVS player account.

Visit PlayVS.com and click the ‘Get Started’ button to start the process.


Use the shared link from a player or coach. Fill in your email and password to get started.

Create Player Profile

Fill out your information

Verify your Email

After signing up for your account you will receive an email to verify your email address. If you do not see one within 24 hours, check your Spam folder.

Invite Coaches and Players

After completing your profile, you can invite coaches and players via email or a shareable link.

Nominate Coaches

You may invite faculty members to be coaches for your team. Activity sponsors/coaches must be employed by the school to be eligible.

Click ‘Overview’ in the left sidebar menu. Go to the ‘Grow Your Program’ section in the left-bottom corner. Click the gray button labeled ‘Invite coaches.’ This will send you to the ‘Nominate a coach’ page. Use your coaches’ emails to invite them to our platform or simply copy our share link to refer them through any other means.

Invite Teammates

Click ‘Overview’ in the left sidebar menu. Go to the ‘Grow Your Program’ section in the left-bottom corner. Click the orange button labeled ‘Invite Players.’ This will route you to the 'Invite teammates' page displayed below.

Players must be affiliated with a school and may not be signed up as a coach.


Billing will be determined by your school, with more information available here.

Connect Game Accounts

You can find all your in-game connections in our Connections section. PlayVS requires each player to have an accurate in-game name that will be used at match time.

PlayVS Tip: Be mindful of the accounts you use for home gameplay and school gameplay. In-game names will not be updated due to player banned accounts.

Step 1: Click your avatar located in the upper left-hand corner. Make sure you are in ‘My Account.’


Step 2: Scroll down to ‘Recommended Connections’

Step 3: Follow the steps listed for the game you are playing.

League of Legends

Connect your Summoner name to receive Champion Unlocked! In order to make sure it is the correct profile, please double check that your Summoner ID is spelled exactly how it is spelled in your Riot League of Legends profile. Note: This is different from the account username you use to sign-in.

If you do not have a summoner name, visit https://signup.na.leagueoflegends.com to create a free League of Legends account. Please keep in mind that summoner names may not contain vulgarities or obscenities.


Connect your SMITE Steam account to receive all characters at game time! In order to make sure it is the correct Steam profile, please double check that your in-game name is spelled exactly how it is spelled in your Steam account. Note: Do not connect your SMITE Steam account to the Steam connections section. That section is for Rocket League.

If you do not have a SMITE Steam account, create a free one at Steam’s Create an Account page. Please keep in mind in-game names may not contain vulgarities or obscenities.

Rocket League

Personal Accounts:

If you own a Rocket League account, you must connect your Steam Account in your PlayVS profile. Complete the following steps to do so:

PlayVS Provisional Accounts:

If you do not already own a Rocket League account, PlayVS will provide one for you. On Game Day, you will see your assigned username and password from the connections panel to log in. You will need to request an account in your Player Dashboard.

Note: These accounts are temporary and will be deactivated after the season ends. By using the PlayVS Steam accounts you agree to our ‘Terms of Use’ below. Failure to follow the ‘Terms of Use’ will result in disqualification and deactivation of user accounts.

Steam Username and Password. Users may not change the Steam username or password.

Purchase Power. Users do not have purchase power for Steam accounts. This includes installing free or purchased games in Steam or purchasing Rocket League enhancements, (i.e. car packs, skins, or keys).

Complete the following receive a PlayVS Provisional Steam account:


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