Streaming SMITE can be very easy with the help of the Spectator client. Below are some useful stream settings and game settings and tips that will make it easier to spectate and follow the action. Check out our printable version here.

Stream Settings (OBS Studio) - 1080p, 900p, 720p

Note: If using a switcher to mix the video you might need to set the capture card deinterlace settings in obs. To do this simply right on the source and select the deinterlace option.

Game Settings

SMITE Spectator can be controlled almost 100% by keybinds we have set. This will make the observers job easier and overall look better on broadcast.

  1. Set your INI Files by downloading the settings from the attachments in the email.
  2. Go to C:\Users\Owner\Documents\My Games\Smite\BattleGame\Config and replace the files in the folder with the files from the email.
  3. Now all the new default keybinds are saved
  4. Your in game video settings should be as high as your computer will allow.
  5. Make sure expert mode is checked on under spectator settings. Sometimes you need to check the box on and off for the setting to save.

Getting a Match Started

  1. Spectate the party leader of the team that has first pick by typing /spectateplayername in the chat box
  2. Have the party leader create the lobby and have players join.
  3. Go into the settings and click on the tab that says spectator.
  4. Change the team names and game state to be the team names and series score.
  5. Have the leader start the game.
  6. Sort your players by Role. Solo, Jungle, Mid, Support, Hunter for both teams.
  7. Hit numpad “*” to make sure assisted is on.

In Game Controls


Tip for Spectator

  • Always spectate from the perspective of the Blue (Order Team).
  • Use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out to show more or less of what you want to see on screen.
  • You can use the mouse to click on Character Images to switch to them.
  • You can use the mouse to hover over items and abilities to see what they do.
  • Sorting the characters on the bottom panel by role helps the commentators and viewers. To do this simply click and drag the characters around. The order we put them in is Solo, Jungle, Mid, Guardian, Hunter.
  • Avoid using rewind. This causes a lot of visual bugs and can even cause the game to crash.
  • “F7” Shows and Hides the Firegiant and Goldfury timers in the top left. (These should almost always be up).
  • The hud editor in the game settings also allow you to move things around on the spectator UI. Just make sure you’re spectating a game when changing it.
  • We currently use a custom built picks and bans overlay. You could do something similar or just use in game to show the picks and bans.
  • “B” shows you the characters banned while in game. This is usually only brought up when the commentators are talking about bans.
  • The “F1” Panel should be your default point of view when using the overhead camera position.
  • The “F2” Panel can be used while in 3rd person view.
  • Use 3rd person sparingly, especially if you’re not as familiar with the game. Using it a lot can be confusing to the viewer and miss a lot of action during team fights.
  • During a big team fight “F5” can be used to show more of the action.
  • Restart SMITE after every game spectated to avoid bugs.

Questions About Characters, Roles, Items?

If you have any questions about technical setup, stream setup, spectator, roles, items, or characters feel free to reach out to us at support@playvs.com or twitter.com/playvs.


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