You may invite other faculty members to be coaches for your team. Activity sponsors/coaches must be employed by the school to be eligible. Each coach will have access to all players, teams, and settings for the school.

Invite Coaches

Click ‘Overview’ in the left sidebar menu. Go to the ‘Grow Your Program’ section in the left-bottom corner. Click the gray button labeled ‘Invite coaches.’


This will send you to the ‘Refer a coach’ page. Use your coaches’ emails to invite them to our platform or simply copy our share link to refer them through any other means.


Approve Coaches

Once the coach creates a PlayVS account, you must approve them in your Coach Dashboard.

Step 1: Access your account information by going to the icon in the left corner. Click ‘Settings’ in the drop-down menu. In ‘Coaches,’ you may approve or deny a coach request.


Step 2: Review the coach information in ‘Pending’ section of Coaches.


Step 3: Click ‘Verify’ to give your coach access. The coach will be listed in ‘Approved’ tab and gives the coach access to school information.



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