SMITE is a free-to-play online game developed by Titan Forge Games and published Hi-Rez Studios. It features a large pool of playable characters from ancient mythology in session-based team combat.

SMITE is rated T for Teen.


In the core competitive game mode of SMITE, Conquest, players work with their team to destroy the enemy towers and phoenixes to bring down the Titan, before the enemy team does so. SMITE offers a unique third-person perspective that brings players into the action. Skilled players have an understanding of everything happening around them, while keeping high-level decisions in mind.

"Esports has provided me the opportunity to explore and invest in something I have always been truly passionate about with the full support of my school and my state."

Samuel S.
Esports Player
Barrington High School

How It’s Played

The Conquest game mode features a three-lane map surrounded by a jungle area. Each team’s base, defended by three Phoenixes and a Titan, sits on either end of the map. Teams assign players to different lanes, with one player on each time typically occupying the jungle area and supporting teammates throughout the game. Players earn currency for taking down objectives, and spend that currency on items which power up their gods. Games are played with 5 players per team and typically last about 30 minutes.


Interaction with minions and opponent

Removing a turret

Team fight with multiple characters

Victory secured


Before the start of each game, players select from a pool of over 100 playable characters. These “Gods” all have their own strengths, abilities, and personalities. Their imagery varies from human-like to fantastical. For a full list of Gods and to learn more about each one,click here.


The SMITE Pro League features the top PC players from all over the world. Its Season is divided into two phases, with each phase lasting 13 weeks. Phase 1 culminates in a Mid-Season Invitational event in the summer, and Phase 2 leads into the Hi-Rez Expo -- where the top teams in the league will fight for the SMITE World Championship title.


Currently, there are over 200 colleges and universities offering over 10 million dollars in scholarships for esports. Hi-Rez has partnered with NACE (The National Association of Collegiate Esports) for its collegiate efforts, which can be found here.

Esports Spotlight: Georgia State University

With seven campuses throughout metro Atlanta, the university provides its world-class faculty and more than 53,000 students with unsurpassed connections to the opportunities available in one of the 21st century’s great global cities. A national leader in graduating students from diverse backgrounds, Georgia State provides a rich experience with award-winning housing, hundreds of student clubs and organizations, and one of the most diverse student bodies in the country. Students, faculty and alumni enjoy a unique campus personality and culture based on ambition, hard work, dedication and perseverance.

Esports in Education

SMITE requires a tremendous amount of critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity from players to achieve and sustain success. Schools and players in high school have had a great experience with the game, and continue to experience its benefits.

Esports Benefits

  • Sense of Community
  • Character Development
  • Scholarship Opportunities
  • Embodies ISTE Standard
  • Increase Achievement
  • STEM Engagement

“Esports brings out a new type of competition in the school system that has never been introduced before. Some students who wouldn’t ever want to participate in a sport now have the opportunity to do so while representing their school and building a community on campus.”

Dan Ungar
Esports Coach
Weston High School, CT

About PlayVS
PlayVS is building the infrastructure and platform for amateur esports, starting with high schools. We work directly with game publishers and states to build and operate sanctioned leagues across the country. Through the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS), PlayVS is empowering students to compete in esports on behalf of their high school, with the opportunity to win a championship, just like any other youth sport. Contact your local school’s principal or athletic director to get a program started and learn more at

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