Connecting Your Account

Players should begin by navigating to their PlayVS settings by selecting the PlayVS icon in the top right corner of their screen, or by navigating to

Once the settings page is open, players should scroll down to their Recommended connections and click the orange "Connect" button. From here, players will be prompted to log into their existing Epic Games account.

Selecting a platform

When a player has connected to their Epic Games account, they will need indicate which platform they will play the game from. When looking at the platform drop-down, users can see which platforms are activated or deactivated on their Epic account. Players will want to select an activated platform to receive match invites.
Note: Players MUST activate the device type they intend to use on match days in order to receive game invitations.

Activating a platform

To activate a platform, players need to click the link in their account settings. Players will be directed to the Rocket League website, click the check setup button, and select the platform they wish to use on PlayVS. Players will need to sign into the select platform in order to activate.

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