While we always encourage coaches to enroll on time and join us for the full season, late enrollment is available for teams that are unable to enroll before the registration deadline.

How it works:
- Teams that are unable to enroll by the February 26th deadline can enroll up to March 19th.

- All late enrolled teams will join the league during Week 4 of the regular season.

- Losses will be issued for weeks 1-3.

- Teams that are unable to enroll by March 19th will be eligible for the Fall 2021 season and will not be included in the Spring 2021 season.


Can I register some teams on time and others late?

Yes. Teams should be enrolled as soon as you are ready for them to compete.

I registered one week after the deadline. Can I join for week 2?

No. Schedules will be generated for all enrolled teams for the first schedule block. Late teams will miss the full block and will be added to the next block beginning March 22nd.

Will my invoice be different if I enroll late?

No. Invoices are the same regardless of number of matches played.

If I find another team that enrolls late, can we play to make up a forfeit?

No. In order to maintain fairness to all schools in the league, all late enrolled teams will enter the season with the same number of missed matches.

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