Important Items for Madden NFL 21 Players:

Table of Contents1. Acceptance of Official Rules2. Roster Requirements3. Substitutions4. Season Structure5. Tiebreakers6. Equipment7. Match Process8. Game Rules9. Reschedules10. Forfeits

1. Acceptance of Official Rules

1.1 Acceptance

Each participant must agree to these Official Rules and the PlayVS Terms of Service to participate in the PlayVS Scholastic League. You may accept these Official Rules by any one of the following methods:

1.1.1 Registering to participate in a PlayVS league.

1.1.2 Participating in any match that is part of a PlayVS league.

2. Roster Requirements

2.1 Solos (1v1)

2.2 Trios (3v3)

<not sure how many players per team and other details>

3. Substitutions

<not sure how subs will work for Madden>

4. Season Structure

The entire Madden NFL 21 season schedule can be found here: https://www

<don't know season structure>

5. Tiebreakers

<don't know how tiebreakers will work...>

6. Equipment

<consoles that can be used to play on, peripherals, Discord, etc>

7. Match Process

<section similar to game day protocol for FIFA 21, not sure exactly what this involves so I won't copy from HS> < has some rules/game settings for comp Madden

7.1 Discord. All players will be required to link their Discord accounts to their PlayVS accounts and join the PlayVS Discord, which will be used for day-to-day communication between players, their opponents, and tournament administrators.

7.2 Pre-Match Setup

Madden NFL 2021 1v1

Madden NFL 2021 3v3

Quarter Length: 5 minutes

Play Clock: 40 seconds

Skill Level: All-Madden

Weather: Clear

Injuries: 0

Accelerated Clock: Off

Game Speed: Normal

Game Style: Competitive

Event Type: Quick Presentation

7.3 Game Setup<?>

8. Game Rules

8.1 In-game Names

In-game Names may include upper-case letters, lower-case letters, numbers 0-9, underscores, or single spaces between words only. In-game Names may not contain vulgarities, obscenities, or offensive language. In-game Names must be unique. Barcode usernames are not allowed to be used. Alternate accounts should not be used for PlayVS matches. Players may only play on the account connected in their PlayVS settings.

All In-game Names must be approved by the Coach in advance of use in play. In-game Name changes are not allowed unless requested by a League Official. In-game Names found to be in violation of rule 8.1 will be required to be changed at the expense of the account owner.

8.2 Definition of Terms

8.2.1 Unintentional Disconnection. A player losing connection to the game due to problems or issues with the game client, platform, network, or Console.

8.2.2 Intentional Disconnection. A player losing connection to the game due to player’s actions (i.e. quitting the game). Any actions of a player which lead to a disconnection shall be deemed intentional, regardless of the actual intent of the player.

8.2.3 Server Crash. All players losing connection to a game due to an issue with a game server, PlayVS platform, or venue internet instability.

8.3 Game of Record

A game of record (“GOR”) refers to a game where both players have loaded in and which has progressed to a point of meaningful interaction between opposing teams. Once a game attains GOR status, the period ends in which incidental restarts may be permitted and a game will be considered as “official” from that point onward. After the establishment of GOR, game restarts will be allowed only under limited conditions (see Section 9.4). Examples of conditions which establish GOR:

8.3.1 Any player kicks the ball off.

8.3.2 The clock ticks for at least one (1) second.

8.4 Stoppage of Play

If a player intentionally disconnects without notifying a coach or League Official or pausing, a League Official is not required to enforce a stoppage. During any pause or stoppage, players may not leave the match area unless authorized by their coach.

8.4.1 Directed Pause. League Officials may order the pause of a match or execute a pause command on any player station at the sole discretion of the League Officials, at any time.

8.4.2 Player Pause. Players may only pause a match immediately following any of the events described below, but must signal a head coach immediately after the pause and identify the reason. Acceptable reasons include: An Unintentional Disconnection A hardware or software malfunction (e.g. monitor power or peripheral disability or game glitch)

Player illness, injury, or disability is not an acceptable reason for a player pause. In such a situation, the team must alert a League Official, who may in his/her sole discretion, grant a pause in order to evaluate the identified player to determine whether player is ready, willing, and able to continue playing within a reasonable period of time, as determined by the League Official, but not to exceed a few minutes. If the League Official determines that the identified player is not able to continue playing within such a reasonable period of time, then the identified player’s team shall forfeit the game unless a League Official, in his/her discretion, determines that the game is subject to an Awarded Game Victory.

8.4.3 Resuming the Game. When the pausing team is ready to unpause the game, a player from each team must confirm the resumption by typing “ready” or “r” in the chat. To communicate with the opponent, players will press enter, type “/all” followed by a space and the message, then press enter again to send the message.

8.4.4 Unauthorized Pause. If a player pauses or unpauses a game without permission from the coaches, it will be considered unfair play and penalties will be applied at the discretion of League Officials.

8.5 Game Restart

The decision of which condition(s) shall justify a game restart is solely at the discretion of League Officials.

8.5.1 Restarts After GOR. The following are examples of situations in which a game may be restarted after GOR has been established. If a game experiences a critical bug at any point during the match which significantly alters game stats or gameplay mechanics. If a League Official determines that there are environmental conditions which are unfair (e.g. excessive noise, hostile weather, unacceptable safety risks).

8.5.2 Controlled Environment. Certain conditions may be preserved in the event of a restart of a game that has not reached GOR, including, without limitation, picks/bans. If, however, a match has reached GOR, League Officials shall not retain any settings.

8.5.3 Player Confirmation of Settings. Each team captain shall verify that every player on his/her team has finalized their intended game settings before GOR is established. Any error in verification is not grounds for a game restart after GOR is established.

8.6 Post-Game Process

8.6.1 Tech Notes. Players will identify any tech issues with their coach.

8.7 Post-Match Process

8.7.1 Results. Winning coaches will be required to submit match results through the Match Lobby within their PlayVS account.

8.7.2 Disputes. At this point the losing coach will be notified and given the option to either accept/ignore the match results or dispute any discrepancies.

8.7.3 Next Match. Players will be informed of their current standing in the competition, including their next scheduled match through the PlayVS client.

8.7.4 Results of Forfeiture. Matches won by forfeit will be reported by the minimum score it would take for one team to win the match (e.g. 2-0 for best-of-two and best-of-three matches). No other statistics will be recorded for forfeited matches.

9. Reschedules

9.1 Timeliness of Reschedules

All rescheduled matches must be completed within their original schedule block <put the day of the week matches must be completed by here>. If a match is not completed by the end of the schedule block, both teams will receive a forfeit.

9.2 Optional Reschedules

Reschedules are optional for both coaches in a match. A coach with a missing player or malfunctioning computer may request a reschedule, choose to play at a disadvantage, or forfeit. Coaches with an opponent requesting a reschedule may choose to accept or decline the reschedule at their sole discretion. Exceptions will be made by League Officials in unforeseen unavoidable circumstances. Some examples include but are not limited to natural disasters, emergencies, or game outage.

9.3 Rescheduled Match Responsibility

Once a match has been rescheduled, it is the responsibility of both teams to be present and ready to compete. Any team that is unable to compete in the rescheduled match will receive a forfeit, regardless of the initial reschedule request.

9.4 Preseason

Preseason matches may not be rescheduled to another day. Slight delays for technical difficulties will be allowed as determined by League Officials.

9. Forfeits

All forfeits are final. Matches that are forfeited at a coach’s request or matches that receive an automatic forfeit cannot be re-played or overturned.

9.1 Schedule Blocks

All matches within a schedule block must be resolved before the next schedule is generated. In order to release the schedule on time, any open matches will receive a double forfeit. It is the responsibility of coaches to contact League Officials in the event that a match is not played or recorded.

9.2 Application of Forfeits

Forfeits will be applied in the following cases:

9.2.1 No-shows. Teams that are not present within 15 minutes of the match start time will receive a forfeit.

9.2.2 Inability to compete. Teams that are unable to compete due to lack of players or equipment malfunctions must reschedule or receive a forfeit.

9.2.3 Competitive ruling. Teams that engage in any behavior outlined in Section 11 may result in the forfeiture of a match or matches.

9.2.4 Incorrect or ineligible players. Players found to be in violation of Section 2 or Section 3 will result in forfeits for any matches in which they participate.

9.2.5 Lack of coach communication. Teams that do not communicate in a timely manner, as described in Section 10, with League Officials will be subject to forfeiture of any and all of their teams with open matches.

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