This article contains outdated information from previous seasons and has been archived. It will remain up temporarily to allow viewers to reference older PlayVS systems.

For Spring 2022 We have transitioned to a new Swiss Format. For more information please visit the Spring '22 Season Changes & Additions.

The information below is outdated and will remain temporarily as a reference of the old system only.

Creating the Hybrid-Swiss Schedule

After reviewing all of the feedback from last season, we have seen a significant amount of requests to change the way matches are scheduled. While we do believe that a Swiss bracket has substantial benefits for our league, we understand that coaches and players need to have more information heading into their games. Our goal in changing the schedule was to preserve the benefits of the Swiss system while also allowing an earlier release of upcoming matchups. After some careful consideration, we are excited to announce that we will be switching to what we call a "Hybrid-Swiss" schedule.

The Hybrid-Swiss Schedule
With this format, we will be combining the best parts of a Swiss and a set schedule. Instead of receiving match ups every week, coaches can expect multiple schedules over the course of the regular season. Each set of schedules makes up one schedule block. At the end of a schedule block, the next weeks will be scheduled based on previous performance and will be released together.

More Flexibility
Moving to schedule blocks will also allow more flexibility for coaches. If a team is unable to play a scheduled match, the two teams can pick another time within the schedule block. This will be particularly helpful for schools that have different holiday calendars than we've planned for.

The last area we wanted to address was the reliability of our schedule releases. Moving forward, schedules will be posted on specific days and times. Refer to your calendar for the exact schedule releases for the season.

Thank you again for all of your feedback. We can't wait to see you in the Fall. 


Will my schedule be released at the start of the season?
No. Due to the nature of a Swiss based schedule, we cannot release all matchups simultaneously. Opponents are determined based on performance in previous matches. We will, however be scheduling matches further in advance.

How does performance affect my schedule?
As your team competes, your record is used to determine future matches. Teams that struggle early on will be placed against teams with similar records. Likewise, teams that perform well will enter more competitive matches against opponents that are of a similar skill level. This system is more forgiving for newer players while still providing a competitive experience for skilled players.  This will help to eliminate one-sided matches, which aren't enjoyable for either team.

Some of this is familiar. Have you done this before?
Yes! Before fully committing to this plan, we needed to make sure it worked. We ran some testing in the last season on a few of our leagues to ensure that this was a viable solution and were impressed by the results. Some changes have been made to improve the experience further. 

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