Manual Match Reporting Guide
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You can now report your match results without the help of support by:

1) Navigate to your schedule.

2) Select Past Results.

3) On the match you would like to view, click Open Match.

4) In the “Lobby” tab on the page, in the "Missing Game Results" OR in the “Manage Match” section under your coach contact information, click Add Game Results.

5) Enter the results of the match. All games in a match should be reported. For example, if your team wins a 5 game set 3-2, please enter all 5 games including the two losses to accurately report the match.

Please note: It is always recommended that you screenshot the result of each game of a match. Coaches submitting results should include screenshots. If your opponent updates the match with an incorrect match result, you will be able to contest the results with your own screenshots!

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