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Receiving PlayVS Emails
Receiving PlayVS Emails
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Some schools block external domains or senders from sending emails directly to faculty email addresses. For schools to be sure they are receiving email messages from us, including service related messages like password resets, email verifications, important account information, they can use the following information to whitelist PlayVS emails.

Domain and Sender Names

PlayVS emails are sent from the following sender names and email addresses. We use multiple sender addresses depending on the type of message sent, but all are of these addresses active and valid.

The best way to receive our emails is by asking your school IT administrator to whitelist these addresses through an administrator setting. Coaches and teachers who are recipients of PlayVS emails can also add these addresses to their contacts to be sure emails are delivered to their inbox, as an extra level of deliverability.

IP Addresses

Schools can also choose to whitelist our emails based on IP address. This method is not as comprehensive, since IP addresses can periodically change. This must be done by a school IT administrator.





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