Discord is a collaborative online space and app. Connecting to Discord gives you access to conversations with other PlayVS high school coaches, collegiate coaches, or collegiate players. You can set up scrims and compare practice strategies. Please reach out to PlayVS, via our Help Center, if you have any questions or issues.

In this guide we’ll show you:

  1. How to Connect Your Discord Account

  2. How to Disconnect Your Discord Account

  3. Common Troubleshooting

  4. Discord Expectations

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Connecting your Discord Account

To connect a Discord account, you must have an account and be able to log in to Discord. Visit “Getting Started” by Discord to get step-by-step instructions for creating your account.

  1. Accept the PlayVS invite. You will be assigned roles and channels based on your PlayVS established roles.

Disconnecting and Deauthorizing your Discord Account

Disconnecting and deauthorizing your account removes you from our Discord server and channels. You will not be able to access users via Discord. Visit Discord’s Help Center Guide to find more information on deleting your Discord account.

Disconnecting your Discord Account from PlayVS Dashboard

Deauthorizing your Discord Account

Deauthorizing your Discord account removes PlayVS access from your account. We cannot add you to roles or channels. Deauthorizing and reauthorizing is a common fix to role and channel errors.

Common Troubleshooting

A common error occurs if you connect your Discord account prior to PlayVS approval or verification. If you are unable to see specific channels or access the PlayVS Discord server, you will need to disconnect.

Discord Expectations

PlayVS provides our Discord server and channels for safe and constructive collaboration. Please follow our Coach and Player Codes of Conduct while chatting.

Additionally, Discord is not our support channel. Do not reach out to PlayVS or PlayVS employees about questions directly in the Discord. Please reach out to PlayVS, via our Help Center, if you have any questions or issues.

Questions? support@playvs.com V.3.1.2

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