Practice against other teams without joining a league.

Create your scrimmage team in four easy steps:

1) Verify players

2) Create teams

3) Add players

4) Scrimmage

Step 1: Verify Players

Select the bright orange ‘Verify’ button.


Step 2: Create Teams

Click on the ‘Teams’ section. You’ll find it under the ‘Players’ section.

Now you’ll be able to create a new team.


Step 3: Add Players

Add players to the team(s) you’ve created.


Step 4: Scrimmage

Once a team’s roster is complete, click ‘Scrimmage’ to join or create scrimmages.


That’s it!

Your team is all set to scrimmage! Learn more about setting up Scrimmages on the PlayVS Platform.

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Best of luck this season!

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