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Invite and Approve Additional Coaches
Invite and Approve Additional Coaches
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You may invite other faculty members to be coaches for your team. Activity sponsors/coaches must be employed by the school to be eligible. Each coach will have access to all players, teams, and settings for the school.

Invite Coaches

  1. Login to your PlayVS Coach account.

  2. Click ‘Manage Teams’ in the left sidebar menu. On the banner beneath your school’s name, choose the “Coaches” tab. Click Add a Coach.

  3. Search for the new coach by Name and click Submit.

  4. Once the action is complete, a prompt will read “Coach replaced”. Now you should have both coaches under your team’s Coaches tab.

  5. You can remove a coach by clicking the trash can to the right of their name and then Yes, Remove Coach.

  6. You can also replace a coach with another by clicking the double arrow to the far right of the coach’s name.

  7. In your new Coach’s PlayVS account, they should receive an alert in the top right corner bell to invite them to become a Coach for your team.

Approve Coaches

Once the coach creates a PlayVS account and is assigned to your school using the invite link sent to them, you must approve them in the ‘Manage Coaches’ tab in ‘My School’.

Under ‘Pending’, locate the faculty member’s name. Click ‘Verify’ to give your coach access. The coach will be listed in ‘Approved’ tab and gives the coach access to school information.


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