Fortnite Player FAQs

High School - Spring 2020

Your most frequently asked questions, answered. Can't find something? Check out our rulebooks and codes of conduct.

What do you mean Fortnite is “free”?

While the Fortnite game is free to download, it will also be free for players to compete in the league! Thanks to our partnership with Epic Games, there will be no cost for Fortnite Season Passes! (woohoo!) This does not prevent schools from charging their own club fees.

When are Fortnite matches?

Fortnite matches will be Mondays at 4 pm local time. The full schedule can be found here!

What are the computer requirements for Fortnite?

All network and hardware specifications can be found here!

Is the rulebook released?

YES!! Click here --> PlayVS Fortnite Rulebook (High School)

Do I have to play on PC?

No! This season we are excited to offer players the opportunity to use any device they are most comfortable with when playing Fortnite. This includes consoles and PCs!

Can I use a controller with a PC?

Absolutely! We are all about letting you play Fortnite the way you want!

What is the Fortnite league format?

Trios play in a private lobby with up to 40 teams for a 2-hour match period, accruing points for eliminations and individual game placement. Each match consists of up to 7 games.

How does scoring work?
Victory Royale: 10 Points
2nd - 3rd: 7 Points
4th - 7th: 5 Points
8th - 12th: 3 Points
Each Elimination: 1 Point

Tiebreakers will be determined in the order presented here: (1) total points scored; (2) total Victory Royales in the session; (3) average eliminations in the session; (4) average placement per match in the session; (5) total seconds survived across all matches; and finally (6) a coin flip.

What determines who makes playoffs?
Each week, the top 3 ranked teams in every league will earn a playoff spot, also known as “Clutching”. This will result in 24 teams qualifying during the season. Prior to the start of playoffs, additional points leaders will be added to the bracket for a maximum number of 24 Clutch teams and 176 points leaders.
Note: number of qualifying teams may vary by league size. The numbers listed above are the maximum number of teams that will be included in playoffs.

Do I have to have a coach?
Yep! All teams participating in PlayVS leagues are required to have a faculty member signed up to coach. Additionally, coaches must be physically present with players during all official matches.

Do I have to play on campus?
Yes, as with all PlayVS leagues, players must compete on-site under the supervision of a coach. Exceptions can be made for local public spaces, such as LAN centers, libraries, or college campuses. Players may never compete in official matches from home.

How can homeschooled players or players from another school compete with me?
Trios must represent the same school. In order for players to compete on behalf of any school, they must be signed up under the school through and must compete on campus with their team and coach physically present. We currently do not support homeschools registering to compete.

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