This article contains outdated information from previous seasons and has been archived. It will remain up temporarily to allow viewers to reference older PlayVS systems.

Fall Flash Format & Prizing, Registration, Yunite Guide, Game Day Protocol, Rulebook

Here’s our quick guide to Fall Flash Fortnite Solos!


Players must be verified and registered on the PlayVS app and enrolled in a collegiate league for the Fall 2021 season by August 17th, 11:59 PDT. Players must follow the pre-match process below to ensure their Epic and Discord account connections are ready for match day.

Players found to not be registered for a Fall 2021 league by August 17th will not be eligible to compete or earn prizing. Full rules on eligibility and disqualification are listed in the Fall Flash Terms and Conditions and Fall Flash Rulebook.

Format and Prizing

Fall Flash Fortnite Solo teams will consist of one player per team with no substitutions.

To allow players to have the best opportunity to earn points, we changed the rulebook for scoring to be based on a player’s best 6 games (the 6 games with the highest scores). Players will be able to play as many games as they can within the 3.5 hour duration of the Fall Flash event.

The Yunite Leaderboard will be used to determine placement. Placement is determined as the players with the most cumulative points after the event, according to the Yunite Tournament Leaderboard. In order to ensure competitive integrity, the event will only support play through PC. Players will not be able to use consoles or mobile for this event, unlike during the regular season.

There will be separate Yunite Leaderboards for NA East and NA West. The Yunite Leaderboard will accurately list all players by placement and total number of points earned during players’ best 6 games. However, Yunite will also show stats on total games played, wins, and eliminations, which may not directly match to the total number of points for a player if a player plays more than 6 games.

Points overview:
Victory Royale: +5
2nd - 5th: +3 per increase in placement rank
6th - 20th: +2 per increase in placement rank
21st - 70th: +1 per increase in placement rank
Each Elimination: +4 with 20 elimination cap per session


NA East: $3000

NA West: $2000














































Important Notes

  • The Yunite Tournament Leaderboard is the official leaderboard. It allows players to track their points in real time following each completed game based on player submitted replays.

  • All games will be played on either NA East or NA West servers.

  • Players MUST have their Discord DMs enabled to receive messages from Yunite.

  • Once the Yunite bots add the players as friends, they will have 30 seconds to friend the bot, invite the bot, promote the bot to party leader, and ready up. After 30 seconds it will time out and not be possible to join.

  • Players have 5 minutes to react to the sign-up message and follow steps 3 through 7 in the Match Day Protocol. Five (5) minutes after the sign-up is opened the game will start.

  • There is a short turnaround period between when we dispatch the Yunite bots to players for games, so players should stay in the lobby and monitor their Discord DMs after reacting to the solos announcements channel’s sign-up message to ensure they are able to join the game without any issue.

Pre-Match Protocol

  1. Players MUST link their Discord account to PlayVS through the “Account Settings” page on our website.

  2. Players MUST join our Discord through this link:

  3. Qualified players will be assigned the Collegiate Player role. If you have not received your role, please contact our support team using the orange help bubble on our website and they will help with assigning it.

  4. Once you have your Discord role, you will need to connect your Epic Account with Yunite through the #fallflash-fortnite-registration channel by clicking the button "Link Epic Account" below the Yunite bot's message.

  5. Follow the instructions that the Yunite bot will DM your Discord account in order to register your Epic Account. You MUST register the Epic Account used on your PlayVS Account.

    • If you have never connected your Epic Account before, the process will involve adding a bot in game as a friend and then you will be sent a code from the Yunite bot through Epic. Once you receive that code, you can paste it into the DM with Yunite and follow the rest of the steps given.
      Pre-Match Process - Step 5a.

    • If you have connected your Epic Account with Yunite before, the bot will ask you if the previously connected account is the one you’d like to register. Use the same account connected in your PlayVS account.
      Pre-Match Process - Step 5b.

Match Day Protocol

  1. On match day, there will be sign up messages posted by Yunite which will require players to react with the :raised_hand: emote in order to receive the invites from the Yunite bot. Before each game, check your respective channel to react.

    • #east-fallflash-solos-announcements channel for NAE

    • #west-fallflash-solos-announcements channel for NAW

  2. Make sure your region is set to North America East (NAE) or to North America West (NAW).

  3. After reacting to the sign up message you will receive a friend request from a Yunite bot (typically comes from a bot named Yunite ###) that you need to accept.

  4. Once you have the Yunite bot added, the party leader will need to invite the Yunite bot to the party.

  5. When the Yunite bot is in your party, the party leader will need to promote the Yunite bot to party leader.

  6. Once the bot is the party leader, it will enter the custom code and change the game mode to the correct mode (Arena Solos). There should be no code-entering necessary for players.

  7. After the Yunite bot leaves the party, you should ready up immediately. Not doing so can result in you missing the queue once the PlayVS Host starts the game.

    Match Day Process - Steps 3 through 7

  8. After 5 minutes of the sign-up message being posted in each Fall Flash’s announcements channels we will start the queue. Players not readied in the queue at this time will be unable to join the game.

  9. Post-match, players are required to upload game replays to Yunite to ensure their points are counted. Players have multiple ways to upload their replay files. It can either be done manually or by installing the Yunite local client to your PC.


Fall Flash competitions on PlayVS require that all players and coaches adhere to our rules set in the Fall Flash Rulebook.

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