Hello and welcome! Whether your kid has been playing esports for years or this is your first time hearing about it - we’ve got you covered. The PlayVS staff is composed of former teachers, administrators, IT directors, and parents.

PlayVS is the leading amateur esports platform in the United States and Canada for high school and college competitions and leagues. Think of us as a trusted partner to handle matchmaking, scheduling, logistics, stats, tournaments, and more.

What are esports?

Esports, short for electronic sports, is a collective term that describes organized competitive video gaming, where individuals use video game consoles, PCs, or mobile phones to play popular video game titles against other esports teams.

Why are esports beneficial to your students?

Esports provides many benefits to students and unlocks opportunities that never existed before, including:

  • Scholastic benefits - Engaged students perform better in school.

  • College scholarships - Collegiate esports is exploding, which translates into tens of millions of dollars in scholarships every year.

  • Potential careers - Esports provides students the perfect entryway to the booming video game industry and with other large, thriving industries like entertainment and technology.

  • Team values - Esports players learn values like teamwork, discipline, and hard work (practicing isn’t always easy). They also learn to take direction from coaches, humility, and how to win and lose with grace.

  • Health and well being - Esports players have a sense of belonging and purpose on a team, just like athletes of other sports.

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