Coach Check-Ins

Choose to check in before your match.

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All scheduled matches include the ability for coaches to check-in. Coaches can also expect to receive 3 emails about this check-in process: It's time to check-in, your team checked in, & your opponent checked in.

To check-in before your team's match:

  1. Log in to your PlayVS account.

  2. Go to your schedule.

  3. Find the match you want to check-in for and click Check-in.

  4. Answer the attendance and roster status prompts.

  5. Click Check-in for next match.

Q. When is check-in?
A. Check-in starts the morning before match day and closes 1 hour before the match's scheduled start time.

Q. If my team misses the check-in can we still play the match?
A. Yes, a match can still be played if check-in was missed as long as the opposing coach is informed that your team will be ready to play through Match Lobby Chat.

Q. Can my players check-in for me?
A. At this time no, only a coach can check-in.

Q. Are there any automatic check-ins?
A. No, coaches must manually go through the check-in process before each match.

Q. If my team is asked to join the Match Queue, can I still check-in?

A. No, the check-in feature is not available for matches created by the Match Queue.
​2021-2022 Version 1.1
V1.1 - 01/31/22 // Fall '21 notice removed, updated FAQ questions to reflect Spring '22 changes. - RG

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