Introducing Match Lobby Chat

Communicate, chat, and connect with other coaches, teams, or players using the match lobby chat feature.

Updated this week

Match lobby chat is the primary communication tool for all titles. Players and coaches can message with upcoming, current, and past opponents through the match lobby.

Important: In lobby chat, you must follow the player code of conduct.


Why can’t I access lobby chat?

  • Whitelist specific ports & URLs with IT.

    • For school’s filtering outbound traffic, an IT Admin will need to whitelist TCP port 80 and TCP port 443.

    • > Used for providing feedback within the platform

    • > For using our moderated match lobby chat

  • Check your adblocker settings.

    • All adblocking features should be disabled to access lobby chat.

  • Use Google Chrome.

    • Lobby chat features are not compatible with Firefox or other web browsers.

What rules or guidelines should we follow for lobby chat?

Teams should follow the same guidelines as the title's game day protocol.

Will chat disable at any point after a match?

Yes, although read status is always available, the ability to send and recieve new chats will expire 1 week after each match is complete.


Need additional support? Please reach out to

Best of luck this season!

2021 - 2022 Version 1.1

V1.1 - 1/13/22 // Added a visual guide for Match Lobby Chat
V1.2 - 1/17/22 // Ports for whitelisting added -AK

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