If your team already exists, please use the workflow below. If you have a brand new team to enroll, use the other workflow to Create a New Team.

  1. Log into your PlayVS account.

  2. On the left sidebar, click Manage Teams.

  3. Select the upcoming season you’d like to enroll for.

  4. Select the team(s) from the list you’d like to enroll for the upcoming season.

  5. At the bottom right, click the orange button Complete Enrollment.

  6. To find your enrolled team, click Manage Teams.

    • Important: If your team is enrolled and competing in an active season currently, please wait to make any roster changes until after the current season concludes.

  7. You're now enrolled for the upcoming season!

Before the season begins, please review the High School Competition Rulebook and the Rulebook for your game title.

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