When forfeits occur, we highly encourage coaches to set up scrimmages so that teams are always able to play against other opponents. We highly encourage coaches to work with one another and follow the steps in this scrimmages help article.

When your opponent forfeits far enough in advance, we automatically match you with a new opponent to play against during your original match time. You will still be credited with a win due to the forfeit of your original opponent. However, we still want you to be able to compete.

Auto Scrimmage pairs up teams who have both had their opponents forfeit.

How does the Auto Scrimmage feature work?

Teams who had their opponents forfeit will be placed in a queue behind the scenes. Auto Scrimmage searches for teams that had their opponents forfeit based on their exact match times. When a match is found based on certain parameters, then the feature will match these opponents up against each other.

What are the parameters of the Auto Scrimmage feature?

The Auto Scrimmage feature has some parameters which will impact the outcome of whether a scrimmage will automatically be assigned to you or not. These are:

  • Teams will only be matched up against other opponents of the same match time and timezone.

  • Example: If your League’s match time begins at 4:00 PM (Pacific). Then you will only be matched against teams who also had their opponents forfeit with that same 4:00 PM (Pacific) time.

  • Forfeits that occur 15 minutes prior to match start time will not be automatically assigned scrimmages.

    • If you do not receive an automatically assigned scrimmage, please click the manual scrimmage article below.

  • We can only scrimmage teams for an even number of teams in queue. So there is a chance a team will not receive a scrimmage automatically assigned to them if they are the odd team out.

  • Forfeits that occur at or after the original match will not be automatically assigned scrimmages.

  • The Auto Scrimmage feature focuses on finding a match as a priority. Therefore, match pairings of different skill levels can occur.

    • Note: if you find yourself matched against an opponent that has a higher skill level than you, then we recommend manually scheduling your scrimmage (linked below).

  • If scrimmages that are generated by Auto Scrimmage feature are canceled, then you will not be added back to the queue.

If you do not receive a scrimmage automatically assigned to you, then please review this article to schedule a scrimmage manually.


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