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Nintendo Switch Screenshot Capture
Nintendo Switch Screenshot Capture

How to get a screenshot from a Nintendo switch

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Screenshots on the Switch can be used for match result submission or as a reference for chat support assistance.
To capture a screenshot, under the left Joy-Con, press the Capture button:

Tip: Below the Directional buttons, look for a square shaped button.

  • To take a single screenshot, press the Capture button once.

  • To take multiple screenshots, press the Capture button multiple times.


To download and share screenshots, you will need the following:

  • Nintendo Switch Console

  • Smartphone device

On your Switch

  1. To navigate to the Home Screen, under the right joy-con, press Home.

  2. On the bottom row, click the Album.

  3. Hover over the screenshot you want to share and click A.

  4. To open the "Sharing & Editing" window, click A.

  5. On the side tab, click Send to Smartphone > OK.

  6. If sending multiple screenshots, then click Send a Batch > Send.

    • Maximum of 10 screenshots per batch

On your Smartphone

  1. On the next page, with your Smartphone, scan the QR Code provided.

  2. Once your phone is connected to the Switch via WiFi, scan the second QR Code.

  3. Your phone will automatically open a new Browser.

  4. To download your images, follow the steps in the new browser.

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