Step 1: Check your IT Specifications

Before you begin, check to make sure your computer has enough storage to complete the installer. Hearthstone requires about 4 GB of internal memory.

Step 2: Download Hearthstone

To download the game, you have two easy choices. You can either:

  • Navigate to, toggle down the Browse button, select Hearthstone, and click Play For Free.

Step 3: Install Hearthstone

The download begins automatically. Check your downloads folder for a new file called Hearthstone-Setup and double click to Install.

Step 4: Pull up a chair by the Hearth!

A new popup requesting you to allow the download will appear. Follow the prompts to begin playing. Ask your coach or administrator if you need support.

For additional questions, please reach out to

V1.0 - 2/18/22 // Created - AK

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