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Scrimmage Queue FAQ
Updated over a week ago

The scrimmage queue is a way for coaches to get their teams into matches in real-time. The queue will be available to coaches from the Match Lobby when their match is either in a forfeited or completed status. The coach will be required to select “Find Match” and then wait on the queue page to remain in queue. Once an opponent is found, the coach will be redirected into the new match.

Q: Will these matches impact the team’s standings?

A: No, currently all matches created through Match Queue will be Scrimmages.

Q: How can I join the queue for a scrimmage?

A: Coaches must navigate to a Match Lobby where they were either forfeited against or they completed with match results. Next, coaches will see a notification around joining the queue. Simply click Find Match.

Q: Can a player queue their team?

A: No, at this time a coach is needed to queue.

Q: Do we look for similarly skilled opponents in Match Queue?

A: Not yet! For this first version, we are only looking to get 2 teams together that are playing the same esport. We welcome feedback from the community as we look to improve our pairings.

Q: Can a coach queue at any time?

A: Yes, although the coach must queue from a completed or forfeited match.

Q: How long will these queues take?

A: TBA! We are collecting data to see how the community interacts with the feature. It is recommended that teams queue during peak play times; i.e. their originally scheduled match time or right after their scheduled match time.

Q: What if I don't see a place to queue from the match lobby?
A: If you're a coach in the match lobby but do not see a place to queue, make sure the match is in a forfeit or completed state and try refreshing the page. If this still doesn't work, please reach out to support.

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