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Custom Match Creation for League of Legends
Custom Match Creation for League of Legends
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Custom Match Creation

These steps are only used if Game Codes are not functioning properly. You must have the approval by PlayVS League Officials before a custom lobby is used. Otherwise please follow the steps in the League of Legends Game Day Protocol.

Create a Match (home coach only)

  1. Coach choose a team captain.

  2. Captain follows match creation steps.

  3. The rest of the team follows ‘join custom match’ steps.

  4. Once the match is created send the game name and password to the opponent coach (and your own players if participating in the Play from Home Initiative).

Match Creation - Captain Only

  1. Click Play

  2. Summoner’s Rift

  3. Choose ‘Custom’ to create a match

  4. Check the settings
    a. Change game type to ‘Tournament Draft’
    b. Allow all spectators

  5. Put in-game name. This should be your team’s name; for example, PlayVS Rockets

  6. Put in Password: LOL1

Join the Custom Match (home players and away)

  1. Click Play

  2. Then select ‘Custom’

  3. Look for Team Captain’s Name in Match List

  4. Put in Password

  5. Move to the correct team

Post-Game Process

  • Players will share the results of each game and any screenshots with their coach.

  • In the event that Game Codes are not used and custom games are created, then the winning coach would need to contact PlayVS directly to report the results or by following the steps found here in the Manual Match Reporting Guide.

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