• Player Pass Plan: $80

    • Recommended for smaller esport programs

    • Passes redeemed per player per esport per season

  • One-Season Unlimited: $1500

    • Enroll an unlimited number of players & teams

    • Cost covers the Spring ’23 season

    • 3 Season Plan (Spring ‘23 + Next Academic Year)

    • $3,000 (regular price of $4,500)

    • Available through enrollment deadline of 2/10/23

    • Unlimited passes, players, and teams

    • Access to all approved titles and competitions

  • Title 1 Schools

    • Unlimited passes for $2,000 (effective 33% discount)

    • Single season unlimited passes for $1,050 (effective 30% discount)

    • Per player passes (one player, per title with team, per season)

    • Effective discount of 20% - 30% based on the number of players you have:

# of Players at Title 1 School

Discount %


20% (or $64 per player pass)


23% (or $62 per player pass)


26% (or $60 per player pass)


29% (or $57 per player pass)

16 or <

30% (or $56 per player pass)

*Some exclusions apply.

  • Game Changers (All-Girl Schools)

    • 30% discount on all passes

  • Unified (Special Olympics)

    • Free for all participating unified teams in eligible states, no team limit.

    • The Unified League is available for schools in the following states:

    • Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota, New York, New Jersey, Nebraska, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, and Washington, Wyoming.

*Special Pricing Discounts cannot be combined with early bird deals.

Q: When will my school be charged?

A: An invoice is issued within 3 to 5 business days after your contract has been signed, or enrollment closes. Billing Guide found here.

Q: Does PlayVS offer payment plans?

A: We do not currently offer payment plans.

Q: What is a “player”?

A: A competing player, each season, per title (game). For example, a player that competes on one League of Legends team in the Spring and Fall seasons will use two passes.

Q: Does a “bench” player (substitute) require a pass?

A: No, as long as they were never a part of the starting roster at match time.

Q: What makes a pass used?

A: Excluding scrimmages and preseason matches, a pass is used when a player is on the starting roster at match time.

Q: Can a player play on multiple teams in the same esport in the same season?

A: No

Q: Can a player play on multiple teams in different esports in the same season?

A: Yes

Q: Do unused passes rollover?

A: Passes rollover from one season to the next within the same school year, but does not rollover from one school year to the next. Forfeits and incomplete season participation may affect rollover pass eligibility.

Q: What are overages and when do they occur?

A: If you add a player that competes after your invoice has been settled as mentioned in the Billing Guide.

Q: We’re a Fall/Spring season only school, what are my pricing options?

A: Please see above under “Single Season Unlimited” or select the Per Pass option.

Q: Does PlayVS offer discounts for Title 1?

A: Yes, see pricing above.

Q: Can I qualify for multiple discounts?

A: No

Q: How much does equipment cost?

A: Hardware costs vary depending on what you currently have and what esports you want to play. See this help article for more information. Nintendo hardware (and software) is available to select schools.

Q: Is Canadian pricing in CAD?

A: Yes

Q: Do Unified players need a seat/pass?

A: No

Enroll by 1/17/23


  • A pass is good for one player, per title with team, per season

  • Access to all approved titles and competitions

  • Covers Spring ‘23 season

  • Unlimited passes, players, and teams

  • Access to all approved titles and competitions

  • Covers Spring ‘23 season

  • Please connect with our Sales or Customer Success team about this option.

Note: To qualify for early enrollment pricing, we require a signed contract by 1/17/23.

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