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Google Single Sign On (SSO)
Google Single Sign On (SSO)

Feature for coaches and players to use Google SSO (Single Sign-On)

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Create a PlayVS account using your Google account

  1. When you sign up for PlayVS, you can create an account via Google SSO when you click Sign Up With Google.

  2. On this page, enter your Google information, then click Next.

    • If the email you insert here is already attached to a PlayVS account, you’ll be logged into your existing PlayVS account.

  3. After signing in via Google here, you’ll be redirected back to PlayVS to complete your account creation.

    Note: The Google email you use will be auto-assigned as the personal email for your account. You’ll be able to change this when completing your account creation if you wish to do so.

Linking your Google account to your existing PlayVS account

  1. Sign in to your PlayVS account with your email and password as normal.

  2. Navigate to your Account Settings by clicking your name or profile icon.

  3. Under “Security & Privacy”, change either your personal or school email to the Gmail account you would like to use to log in via Google SSO.

Note: If the Google email you would like to use to log in is already attached to your account, no further action is needed.

Password support

Important: PlayVS account passwords and Google SSO passwords are completely separate from one another.If you create an account via Google SSO, you won’t have a password attached to your PlayVS account. You’ll only be able to log in via Google SSO.

PlayVS password

You can still change your PlayVS account password via your PlayVS Account Profile Settings when logged in, or change their password using “Forgot Your Password?” on the login page.

Google SSO password

Your Google password cannot be modified/changed via your PlayVS Account Profile Settings. You will need to go through Google to make any updates to your Google account.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Do I have to make a new PlayVS account to use Google SSO if I already have one?

    • If you already have a PlayVS account with your Google email address attached to it, you'll be able to log in via Google SSO using the email listed on your account.

    • If the Google email you would like to use is not attached to your existing PlayVS Account, you can change your email via your Account Settings when logged in or via our Support team.

  2. Why can’t I log in with Google SSO?

    • You most likely used the incorrect Google password or email when attempting to log in. Remember that your Google account and PlayVS account credentials are separate from each other.

  3. I forgot my Google account password, what should I do?

    • To reset your Google account password, use the “Forgot your password?” feature on Google’s sign-in page.

  4. Who can I contact for help?

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