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Youth Program Summary Of Changes & Additions (Fall ‘23 & Spring ‘24)
Youth Program Summary Of Changes & Additions (Fall ‘23 & Spring ‘24)
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Introduction and Purpose

For the 2023-2024 Youth Program season, we have made many new changes/additions to a number of our rulebooks. In an effort to create more visibility of new additions and changes made to rulebooks for the Fall and Spring, League officials have put together a list of edits. Available in select states.


While this list should cover the majority of all changes, it may not include small wording adjustments made to portions of rulebooks. We encourage all sponsors and players to review the detailed points below as well as the Youth Program Rulebook.

Spring 2024 Youth Program Updates

Reformatting Updates

Reformatted all game title-specific Rulebooks to the following format:

  1. Game Rules

  2. Player Equipment

  3. Match Process

  4. Post-Match Process

Similar to how the Competition Rulebook compares to individual title-specific rulebooks, all game day documentation has been updated for clarity:

    • This article covers all the necessary steps needed to compete on Game Day, regardless of the title you are competing in.

    • These articles provide all of the unique title-specific information needed to set up or join an in-game lobby on Game Day.

  • Introduction - Clarified each season has a fourth Phase: Finals.

  • Updated 3.5 Team Names - Added that team names may not contain play-on-words, names of trademarked companies or league sponsors.

  • Updated 6.1 Game Day Protocol - Clarified that teams must join the PlayVS Match Queue to find a new opponent if their match page shows “TBD”.

  • Updated 12. PlayVS Code of Conduct - General restructuring of the Code of Conduct

  • Updated 9.1.5 Lack of Match Results - Clarified that matches without results submitted are subject to forfeiture once the allotted time has lapsed.

  • Added section 10.4 Match Communications (formerly Coaching During a Live Game).

  • Updated 1.6.1 Game Mode & Map Pool - Flashpoint and its respective Maps have been added to the Game Modes for Game 1, as well as the Tiebreaker Game (if needed)

Fall 2023 Youth Program Updates

  • Updated 3.1 Roster Requirements - Details exceptions available for teams that are missing a player on day of competition.

  • Updated 3.6 Team Names - Added clarity around Team Name Guidelines and PlayVS Team Name change process.

  • Updated 5.2.3 Playoffs - Updated section outlining breakpoints that determine Playoff bracket sizes.

  • Added 6.1.2 Match Forfeit - Added Section detailing impact of forfeits in reference to Match Queue.

  • Added 6.3 In-Game Content Updates - Added Section detailing impact of In-Game content updates and how they impact the PlayVS Competitive Format.

  • Added 7.6.2 Disputes - Added Section detailing the Match Dispute Process and when disputes can be submitted.

  • Added 1.5.4 Playoffs Brackets - Added callout regarding where to find Playoff requirements and Bracket information.

  • Added 3.3.3 In-Game Content Updates - Added Section detailing impact of In-Game content updates and how they impact the PlayVS Competitive Format.

  • Updated 4.0 Post Match Process - Updated section to align with new Match Assistant tool.

General League Changes

  • Preseason Perks: Opting in or out of preseason is not an option this season. Teams that successfully complete 1 preseason match without forfeiting their last preseason match will be placed into the PlayVS Smart Scheduling system in order to receive a Scheduled opponent for Week 1 of the regular season. Teams that do not complete a match during Preseason will not receive a forfeit, but will need to use the PlayVS Match Queue for their first Regular Season Match.

  • Team Names: Team names may only contain letters, numbers, and single spaces between words. Team names may not include punctuation or special characters and must not be over 15 characters long. Team names must differ from others within the same school to a reasonable extent to avoid confusion. Team Names may not contain vulgarities, obscenities, offensive language, or be worded in a way to confuse or imply ill-intent towards another team. Team Names may not be changed during the Season unless approved by a PlayVS Admin. PlayVS reserves the right to update a team name at any time if the name itself violates PlayVS Code of Conduct.

  • Internet Connection & Latency: Teams are expected to be connected to an internet connection using a wired connection method with their Nintendo USB to Ethernet Adapter. Using a wireless connection method or internet hotspot can lead to latency issues while competing in an online arena environment. If latency issues exist during a match and a team is found to be using a wireless connection method, League Officials may require a restart, reschedule, or issue a loss for the game, set, or match.

  • Playoffs: Playoff bracket sizes will be established based on predetermined breakpoints set by PlayVS League Officials. These breakpoints are set in order to provide a competitive experience while allowing more teams to participate based on total Playoff eligible teams within a given league. Given that eligible teams meets/exceeds the designated breakpoint, that league’s bracket size will increase to the next threshold. Team Breakpoints are as follow:

Bracket Size

Team Breakpoint

Top 4

Top 8


Top 16


Top 32


Top 64


*Ex: A League with 43 Playoff Eligible teams will have a bracket size of 16

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