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PlayVS Upgrade Arena Overview
PlayVS Upgrade Arena Overview

All the information needed to compete in the PlayVS Upgrade Arena*

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Registration has closed. View the Standings for each Qualifier Group below:

  • For the Eastern Qualifier Group A, click here.

  • For the Eastern Qualifier Group B, click here

  • For the Pacific Qualifier Group A, click here.

  • For the Pacific Qualifier Group B, click here.

What is the Upgrade Arena?

To provide our community with additional opportunities to compete alongside the Spring 2024 season, the PlayVS Upgrade Arena is a free-to-compete event open to eligible schools on the PlayVS platform.

The event will consist of two parts: a single-elimination qualifier and a single-elimination championship event. The top two (2) teams from each qualifier group will advance to the championship event and compete in an 8-team bracket.

Verified coaches on the PlayVS platform may create and enroll unique VALORANT teams in the PlayVS Upgrade Arena at any time during registration.

*Qualifier leagues may be expanded to accommodate additional registrations and improve the quality of competition. Any enrolled teams that are moved in this way will be notified of the change immediately.

The Championship event will consist of finalists from each Qualifier league.

  • Enrollment Opens: 3/4/24

  • Enrollment Closes: 3/22/24 at 11:59 PM Local Time

  • Qualifier Rounds:

    • Round 1 - 3/29/24

    • Round 2 - 4/5/24

    • Round 3 - 4/12/24

    • Round 4 - 4/19/24

  • Championship Event:

    • Championships Day 1: Friday 4/26/24

    • Championships Day 2 & Broadcast: Saturday 4/27/24

Qualifier Rounds occur weekly on Fridays. If needed, matches can be rescheduled up to the following Tuesday with the approval from both Coaches. If both teams fail to show up for a match or reschedule, they will both be eliminated from the bracket.

Due to all Championship Rounds of matches occuring over two-days, reschedules for Championship Event matches will not be permitted.

**The date range may be expanded to accommodate larger bracket sizes. A detailed list of competitive match days will be shared above once enrollment has closed and brackets have been finalized.

  • PlayVS will reward players starting in the Quarterfinals of the Championship Event.

  • Each round that teams advance to will ‘upgrade’ the team’s gaming setup.

  • Quarterfinals > 40 total players will receive $20 in-game currency to spend on VALORANT items.

  • Semifinals > 20 total players will receive a gaming headset

  • Finals > The final two teams (10 total players) will receive a gaming mouse and keyboard

  • The Champion team (5 total players) will receive a gaming monitor and an Upgrade Arena custom jersey.

Please note that prizes are per player, so for example, each player will receive a gaming monitor.

  • All VALORANT Competitions will follow the existing VALORANT Rulebook for PlayVS matches.

  • Competition may occur in person or virtually from home at the discretion of each participating school.

  • A maximum of 1 (one) team per school can participate.

  • No team shall be considered eligible to participate in any Youth Program esports game until all players are enrolled at the same school with a verified Adult Sponsor.

  • Players must be 13 years of age or older, reside in the U.S. or Canada, and be registered with an eligible team on PlayVS.

  • All teams must be uniquely created with a different name from any existing VALORANT team to avoid confusion with ongoing VALORANT seasonal leagues.

PlayVS will:

  • Provide direct support to participants completing tasks such as enrollment and team creation

  • Provide match-day support to all competing participants

  • Schedule all competitions related to Upgrade Arena

  • Publish event standings and results

Coaches & Players will:

  • Ensure all participants are equipped with the technology necessary to compete in VALORANT

  • Uphold the PlayVS Code of Conduct before, during, and after PlayVS competitions

Contact Information

At any time, participants may contact PlayVS Support directly by using the orange chat icon at the bottom right of the PlayVS website or by emailing us at


Which league should I enroll in?

Teams should enroll in the Qualifier that best fits their schedule. Should another Qualifier region open up, teams will be notified and offered the opportunity to adjust their enrollment as they see fit.

Can these matches be rescheduled?

Qualifier matches may be rescheduled up until the following Tuesday. Championship event matches may not be rescheduled.

Can we use the new Agent Clove?

No. New agents added to VALORANT may be available for use in a PlayVS match once the Agent Recruitment Event ends, and the Agent is eligible to be recruited for Kingdom Credits.

As Clove’s Recruitment Event will be ongoing during the Qualifier event, Clove will not be available for the entire duration of Upgrade Arena.

*This event is a PlayVS-owned event and not affiliated with the NFHS or State Associations. Please submit all questions directly to PlayVS Support.

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