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Varsity Esports and STEM League [VESL] Resources
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The Varsity Esports and STEM League [VESL], in partnership with PlayVS, will be running their own league for the state of North Carolina for the following titles: NBA 2K, VALORANT, Rocket League and Super Smash Bros.™ Ultimate.

Match Days

  • Tuesday: VALORANT

  • Wednesday: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

  • Thursday: Rocket League

  • Friday: NBA 2K


    • Best of 3 format will be used except VESL coaches will need to bypass section “1.2.2 Substitutions” as they will need to rotate players via substitution for each match to ensure all 3 players have the opportunity to play.

    • Teams playing with less than a 3-player roster may elect a single player to compete in multiple games within a single match.

    • Any player(s) competing in more than one game within a single Best of 3 match must select a unique Current NBA team that they have not used previously within the match.

VESL Schedule

  • Preseason Dates: 3/18/24 - 4/5/24

  • Regular Season Dates: 4/8/24 - 4/26/24

    • Teams will compete in two matches per day across 3 weeks. No reschedules are allowed.

  • Playoffs: TBA

  • Championships: TBA

Contact Information

At any time, participants may contact PlayVS Support directly by using the orange chat icon at the bottom right of the PlayVS website. If you have questions regarding your VESL team, match play time, conference/league or coach, please contact VESL at


  • A maximum of 1 (one) team per school per title can participate in the VESL leagues/conferences.

  • Players must be 13 years of age or older

  • Players must be registered with VESL directly ( and also registered on an eligible team within the PlayVS platform.

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