This is a guide for scouting a League of Legends Opponent with the PlayVS platform. Scouting information can be found in each Team’s Profile. Profiles include rosters, stats, and additional team-specific information.

In this guide we review:
1. Available League of Legends Stats
2. Viewing opponent stats in Mission Control
3. Viewing all teams’ Profiles through Standings
4. Viewing your teams’ stats in the Stats Section
5. Match specific stats in Past Results
6. FAQ
7. Printable Version

Team Profiles

Each team’s page will display team and individual player stats. These stats are from PlayVS matches only.

Recent Games:

Recent games display the last three matches played on PlayVS. Click the drop-down arrow to view more PlayVS match data.

Hover over images to view more details.



The current roster is displayed with players’ names and Summoner Names. To view substitutes, click the ‘Sub’ tab in the roster section.

Official Match Results:

Official matches will be listed with the game records. Click ‘Show More’ to view additional matches.


Opponent Stats in Mission Control

You can view an opponent once the match is scheduled on the PlayVS platform.


All Team Stats in Standings

You can view all Team Profiles in our Standings section. Click on any team in the standings list to view their specific profile.


Viewing your Stats in our Stats Section

Season stats from your matches are available in the Stats section. These stats will be for your players only.

Viewing Match Stats in Past Results

Stats for individual matches and games can be found in the Schedule section.


How do I scout without PlayVS match data?

Our stats are for PlayVS matches. If a team has not completed a match on PlayVS, you may look up players’ Summoner names on OP.GG.

What should I do if I am missing information?

Check that the team has played a PlayVS match. At the beginning of the season, teams may not have a completed match. Quarantined matches will not display stats until it is resolved.

If you or your opponent are still missing stats, send questions or concerns to

Do you have a printable version?

We have a PDF that you may download via this link.


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