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Regional and State League Rosters
Regional and State League Rosters
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Regional vs State Sanctioned Leagues

Improving the way your league is structured


State and Regional Leagues

There are two types of leagues that schools may compete in - state leagues and regional leagues.

State Leagues

State leagues are available for our partnered athletic or activity associations and for any state that has significant adoption to operate any given title. State leagues are made up of teams from other schools across your state, and for those within partnered athletic or activity associations, from other member schools. Schools can enroll an unlimited number of teams in their state leagues, but only the two best teams in each game will advance to the postseason. State League games currently include League of Legends, Rocket League, and Super Smash Bros.™ Ultimate. Additional titles may be added based on adoption in any given state.

Regional Leagues

Regional leagues are made up of schools in the same time zone in the United States and Canada where we are not currently partnered with a state association. Regional leagues are also available for certain titles for our partnered athletic or activity associations. Schools can enroll an unlimited number of teams in the regional leagues and will compete in an end-of-season tournament. Regional League games include NBA2K23, Madden, Splatoon™ 3, and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe™. If a partnered state has 24 or more teams enrolled in Madden 22 and/or Mario Kart 8 Deluxe™ by January 28, 2022, then those teams may transition from regional leagues to state leagues.


The exception to this is if there is not enough enrollment to support a state league in a state we are partnered with an association in. The minimum number of teams needed for a viable and healthy league is 24. If a state league does not have 24 teams enrolled by the start of the season, all teams may be moved into the regional league and notified of the change before the first match of the season.


Our new substitution protocol uses a bench system. Find more information in our Substitution Guide.


Can I create more than one State team?

Yes. Schools can create and enroll an unlimited number of teams in the state league, however, only the top two teams per game can qualify for the playoffs.

How do I know if my state is regional or state?

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