High School Coach Handbook

The Fall '23 High School Coach Handbook is available for download

Updated over a week ago

We have created a guide for educators who are interested in getting started with PlayVS. The guide includes useful information for new coaches, as well as, quick-reference material for more seasoned coaches.

Note: This guide can be printed, but, for the best experience, please use the digital version. The PDF will allow you to click through to various resources on help.playvs.com.

Changelog: 10/12 - Updated Regional Map to correct map. - wc

1/31/22 // Updated for Spring '22 season -AK

9/2/22 // Updated for Fall '22 season -JM
2/1/23 // Updated for Spring '23 season -AK

9/6/23 // Updated for Fall '23 season

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