How To Manage Coach Accounts

Manage coach accounts for the upcoming school year by adding or removing coaches.

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The end of the school year is the perfect time to prepare your esports program for the upcoming scholastic year.

If your program has new coaching staff, or you need to remove staff that have left the program, ensure that those accounts are updated for your school's PlayVS account. Find how to manage those accounts below:

Note - If your school has not yet enrolled for the current season, you will see the "Schedule a Consultation" button instead of the image under Step 4. Once your team is enrolled, the image below will offer the "Invite Coaches" option.

Add New Coaches

1. Log in to your coach account.

2. In the top left corner, under your name, go to your school-specific account.

3. Select “My School”.

4. Select “Invite Coaches”.

5. Copy the link or input the email of the coach you wish to invite.

6. Once the coach creates their account, you will receive a notice that they are pending approval under “Manage Coaches”.

Remove Existing Coaches

1. While logged into your account, navigate to “My School”.

2. Select “Manage Coaches”.

3. Next, select the “Approved” tab.

4. Find the coach you wish to remove from the Approved list and next to their name, select the “Deny”.

  • This will deny their access to the school account.

5. To have the coach completely removed from the school account, please reach out to your Customer Success Representative via email or Customer Experience via chat or email (

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