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Stay Plugged In (SPIN) Membership Signup & Benefits
Stay Plugged In (SPIN) Membership Signup & Benefits

How to sign up for scholarship and recruiting benefits with Stay Plugged In (SPIN)

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Stay Plugged In (SPIN) provides opportunities for students to compete in front of a network of college esports programs with the potential to earn scholarships. Over $25M was awarded to students for 2022.

PlayVS players can sign up with the instructions below:

How To Get Started


  1. In the top right, click “Sign Up”.

  2. Fill out your free recruiting profile.

    • This profile instantly becomes visible to coaches.

  3. Navigate to your dashboard and click “My Subscriptions.”

  4. Select the plan you would like to subscribe for, then click “Subscribe”.

  5. Follow the checkout process on the screen.

  6. After you subscribe, you will be contacted by a Recruiting Specialist.

    • The Recruiting Specialist will schedule a time to discuss and define your recruiting goals.


Book a short 15-minute session with a SPIN representative by emailing

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